What's the best nutrition app/site?

Goal is to eat clean. Not looking for a tracker like MyFitnessPal (using already), but more of a guide.
3 recommended
  1. Danielle Geva✨ Dare to Create 🍵 Hōjicha Co. · Written
    Darya has practical and healthy food advice. There's the blog, podcast, book, and the Foodist Kitchen program (https://foodistkitchen.com/).
  2. Fooducate is great for guides and looking up specific foods in addition to being a tracker.
  3. Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody · Edited
    Marcus Vlahovic made this product
    Sustainabody tells you what vitamins & minerals you're getting in your food, and what your diet lacks. Plus, you get food suggestions for what you're missing (and you have a whole glossary of vitamins & minerals with foods listed)!