Don Pinkus
Don PinkusFounder, BlockSpring

What apps exist to help a contractor setup an LLC in California?

I contract as an engineer & designer in California. I need to set up a company and handle my taxes correctly. (Instead I've just been a sole-proprietor for the past year, which means no liability protection and probably bad taxes). There's a ton of information online, YouTube videos, articles etc. Is there an application / website that will just do it for me? Or walk me through the process like TurboTax does? My goals are: 1. Correct incorporation for a 1 person company providing contracting services 2. Ideal tax structure given the work I do, and the income range I'm in 3. Description (or ideally features) for handling my taxes as a contractor. I'm NOT looking for just an expense tracking app. This is about incorporation & taxes.
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    Stripe Atlas

    The best way to start an internet business

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at · Written
    This won't set you up in California, but it will set you up with a business
    • Abhi Nayar
      Abhi NayarSenior @ Yale. Co-founder

      Stripe Atlas was a godsend.

      My startup, tonebase, incorporated using Stripe Atlas. It was both easier, faster and MUCH cheaper than using lawyers. Our lawyers were quoting upwards of a few thousand dollars to file the incorporation forms whereas Stripe Atlas was just $500 + some other small fees.

      In addition they give you AWS credits and some other perks (that I don't particularly remember). Stripe also provides some really awesome documents courtesy of their legal partner that really walk you through the options you have regarding equity splitting, C-corp benefits, and all sorts of legal items most people are ignorant to.

      I HIGHLY recommend Stripe Atlas for any startup, individual or company. Honestly the idea of starting a company is daunting WITHOUT the legal hassle, and Stripe makes it stupid simple.

      Easy, fast application (the actual forms, etc.), great communicative team, relatively fast EIN numbers and paperwork/forms, and perhaps best of all $10,000 in AWS credits (which we have yet to scratch the surface of).

      If there was ONE negative it would be that Stripe really does ask you to describe your business in detail. When we applied for incorporation our business model was in flux - subscription platform, FFS platform, etc. we weren't really sure. This caused a delay and some small amount of tension BUT it was honestly really helpful for US. My advice if you are in a similar situation would be to just pick a very straightforward, simple business model when you apply and then of course (like any good startup lol) pivot.

      The reason they do this is for reporting/tax reasons (or so they say) which seems understandable and reasonable. Overall Stripe Atlas is AMAZING and I would highly highly recommend it.

    • Ferenc Brachmann
      Ferenc BrachmannI help digital marketers win on mobile.

      On my behalf of our entire team at Beeem I can only say positive thigs. Support feels like it's always on, you get answers to all of your questions pretty fast even during the process. Everithing was figured out by the time I encountered any challenges, like mailing the company credit card to us (as it by default can not be mailed outside the US).

  2. Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at · Written
    Similar to Stripe Atlas but with less "Free stuff"