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What apps exist to help a contractor setup an LLC in California?

I contract as an engineer & designer in California. I need to set up a company and handle my taxes correctly. (Instead I've just been a sole-proprietor for the past year, which means no liability protection and probably bad taxes). There's a ton of information online, YouTube videos, articles etc. Is there an application / website that will just do it for me? Or walk me through the process like TurboTax does? My goals are: 1. Correct incorporation for a 1 person company providing contracting services 2. Ideal tax structure given the work I do, and the income range I'm in 3. Description (or ideally features) for handling my taxes as a contractor. I'm NOT looking for just an expense tracking app. This is about incorporation & taxes.
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    Stripe Atlas

    The best way to start an internet business

    Justin Mitchell9Designing Products at · Written
    This won't set you up in California, but it will set you up with a business
  2. Justin Mitchell9Designing Products at · Written
    Similar to Stripe Atlas but with less "Free stuff"