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What app/tool you know for making wedding and event seat plans?

i want to be able to save templates and add notes to tables/benches
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    ConceptDraw PRO v11
    I would highly recommend more stable and powerful software like ConceptDraw PRO with tons of ready design elements. For instance, you just download Cafe and Restaurant Floor Plan Solution and simply drag and drop things in it thus saving your time.
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    Easily draw diagrams & collaborate with others online

    Justin MitchellBuilding products @SoFriendly · Written
    I'd probably use this or Google Sketchup. I've used a couple SaaS products before meant specifically for what you're doing but always found them to be poor. Give LucidChart a go.
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    Create and share diagrams easily

    LOLOfreelancer · Written
    Go try this simple online app with furniture objects available so you may re-arrange them the way you like it.
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