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What websites and apps do you use to plan travel?

Where do you get inspiration? How do you aggregate information? What do you use while you're traveling?
46 recommended
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    A marketplace to buy and sell fashion

    Dayyan Smith
    Dayyan SmithSoftware Engineer Β· Written
    All of your important information in one place! And I really like the suggestions for things to look at or visit.
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    Brad Wolff
    Brad WolffBusiness Honors & Finance at UT-Austin Β· Written
    Unbelievable app for keeping track of bookmarks, finding new attractions, and discovering restaurants. Obsessed though so much room to grow.
    Marcelo Risoli
    Marcelo RisoliWeb app developer Β· Written
    I love it how it pulls information out of your reservation emails and then creates trips, plus offline download makes it an amazing tour guide when you don't have data roaming
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Augusto Carmo
    Augusto CarmoSuper curious Β· Written
    Offline maps, save my favorite places (I use as places to see) syncs favorites with Google Trips
    Cant travel without it! So usefull when you are somewhere new.
  3. 71
    Skyscanner 7.0

    Find and book great deals on flights, hotels, and car rental

    Taimoor Hussain
    Taimoor HussainDigital Marketing Strategist Β· Written
    Tells you the cheapest flight. really helps save money
    Pam Currie
    Pam CurrieEntrepreneur Β· Written
    Best thing Skyscanner brought to travel was 'Flexible? Search Everywhere' I had wanted this feature forever and nobody did it: search for flights based on price/don't mind where you go. Many of my holidays have been decided this way! And they are Scottish, which is great.
    Catherine Baldwin
    Catherine BaldwinGraphic Designer Β· Written
    Skyscanner helps me to plan travel. I personally recommend it.
  4. 29
    80days.me 1.0 Travel

    A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks

    Only Eightydays!
    Vasili  Melekh
    Vasili MelekhLead Software Engineer at Eightydays.me Β· Written
    Vasili Melekh made this product
    Eightydays.me, go ahead!
    The most amazing thing about Eightydays that it suggests trips that other vice I would not even imagine, and for stunningly low budget
  5. 20
    Airbnb Official API

    Develop your application for millions of travelers & hosts

    Brad Wolff
    Brad WolffBusiness Honors & Finance at UT-Austin Β· Written
    Pam Currie
    Pam CurrieEntrepreneur Β· Written
    Great places. Anywhere. Magic!
    I prefer AirBnb over hotels, as I feel that my host/flatowner takes care of me...not my money
  6. 38

    The project management tool that grows with you

    Eunju Jang
    Eunju JangA Korean living all around the world Β· Written
    Using Zenkit makes it easy to organize and to plan the things I have to see, eat, do, and visit! Very simple to create and rearrange plans, you can also share them with your travelling partners
    Peter Oehler made this product
    You can organize all the Information you need while planing a trip, such as Sightseeings spots, Hotels, Restaurants, etc. With zenkit is very simple to categorize and tag all the info you have. It's also easy to just drag and drop, so you can easily rearrange your schedule accordingly.
    Easy and simple. It makes it easier to plan your trip, like which Museums, Restaurants or Theaters to see. Also there is a great team working behind the scenes to make the Zenkit even better everyday.
  7. 11
    Google Flights
    Andreea Nastase
    Andreea NastaseSoftware developer Β· Written
    I like using Google Flights to explore cheap air travel options if I haven't decided on a particular destination, and to explore the cheapest day to fly to a destination on a particular month with the calendar functionality. I find it excels at those two things, plus all the usual price monitoring features that we've come to expect of ticket sites. I also like that it's a much more user-friendly version of the original ITA Matrix system, aka "the magic cheap flights site no one has ever heard of", which now powers both Kayak and Google Flights search!
    Marcelo Risoli
    Marcelo RisoliWeb app developer Β· Written
    Google Flights is amazing, its like ITA Matrix with speed, even if I don't book it directly through them most of the time I am often checking different variations of flights from it because it is blazing fast.
    Johnny Skettos
    Johnny SkettosMedical Nugget Creator Β· Written
    Similar to other flight ticket search engine but with added TRACKING feature that allows you to get a notification for when you particular flight is at the cheapest or priciest and act accordingly!
  8. 10
    Hopper 2.0

    Know when to fly and buy. Score the lowest fares

    Skylar Taylor
    Skylar TaylorMarketing Director, Royal Media Β· Written
    Great for tracking flight prices and knowing the best time to book your trip.
    Traveling around Asia and Africa this past year and Hopper has been a godsend, with ticket prices. My last round trip ticket from EWR to Chiang Mai via BKK cost just under $650. Got a similar price from Singapore to South Africa. Typically prices are 200- thousands more.
  9. 8

    Find the best travel deals to anywhere in the world! ✈️ 🌍

    Kevin Joling
    Kevin JolingMaker of DESTIGOGO.com Β· Edited
    Kevin Joling made this product
    DESTIGOGO tells you where to go within a certain budget. v2 is coming soon :)
    Emile-Victor Portenart
    Emile-Victor PortenartCo-Founder, Designer at Marker.io Β· Written
    Destigogo is definitely one of the few product I use when I'm looking for a random destination to go!
  10. 19

    Personal concierge services for world travelers from locals

    On MeetnGreetMe, you will find a local concierge aka personal assistant to provide you with any assistance you need. for instance, advice the best area to live, accompany to the conference, find contacts, organize an event, arrange anything and anywhere. It is available in 300 cities around the world and saves your time and nerves.
    Liz Rogers
    Liz RogersTravelTech lover Β· Written
    I used MeetnGreetMe once during my trip to Rome and it was The Best Experience Ever
    It's important to have a resourceful and trustworthy local behind your back while you travel.
  11. 8
    RaghavanAI, Design and Humans Β· Written
    Expedia has a smooth ticket booking experience however kayak has a cool UX to search. So, I use Kayak to search and book tickets through Expedia..
    Digrammermini cooper driver Β· Written
    It won't send you spam with hotels and stuff, just notifications you really need.
    Oscar Brunn
    Oscar Brunndoughnuts baker Β· Written
    Love kayak as well. Expedia CS is just great. I was in a tricky situation once and was able to reach tech support by phone immediately. So rare nowadays.
  12. 7
    Foursquare 10

    Your ultimate city guide, in your pocket

    Lim Chee Aun
    Lim Chee AunProduct-first Front-end Engineer Β· Written
    I use Foursquare to find for top/trendy places to visit and save them into a "to-go" list that I can check out while travelling.
    Eugene Turner
    Eugene TurnerTech, tea and adventures. Β· Written
    Still the best choice for finding great spots almost anywhere in the world. Add in their great list features, Trip Tips for asking for recommendations, and the ability to draw a search area on a map, and you’re on to a sure winner.
  13. 8

    Explore a city through personal itineraries made by locals.

    Andreas B.Pedersen made this product
    Routes is a travel app where travelers can explore cities through thousands of itineraries in over 100 cities - made by locals and travelers. Try it out on: http://get.routes.guide/
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    Find and compare cheap flights

    Dayyan Smith
    Dayyan SmithSoftware Engineer Β· Written
    It is listed here as hotel search, but I use it mostly for booking flights. I have consistently found the cheapest flights with Momondo.
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    AlexConsultant Β· Written
    I have found flights through Momondo that have been cheaper than listings on Google Flights. I always use Momondo when booking flights.
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    How to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry & car

    Rob Diaz
    Rob DiazArt Director. Motion Designer. Maker Β· Written
    Rome2Rio became one of the best tools on my latest trips. It tells you how to go from point A to point B. Really useful specially in Europe!
    I agree, we use Rome2Rio a lot in Europe
  16. 3

    A cool twist on buying plane tickets

    Brad Wolff
    Brad WolffBusiness Honors & Finance at UT-Austin Β· Written
    Great place to find the cheapest place to get away to in a given moment
  17. 3
    Google Translate

    Translate languages in real-time on your mobile phone

    Juan Ageitos
    Juan Ageitostech marketer #spanglish Β· Written
    Super helpful when visiting far corners of the world. You can even have a conversation with the locals and they'll love your effort to communicate. You can download languages for offline use.
  18. 3

    All your travel plans, in one place

    Easy to forward confirmation emails and knows to combine everything into one trip.
    I love TripIt! It's a great travel itinerary app. I've used it for a large number of my travels, and it's done me well. It's especially good when planning trips with multiple people. And if you get the Tripit Pro (30-day free trial should last you through whatever travel plans you have), you can receive live updates and more. And if you're a 'traveler' on a trip that is created by someone who has TripIt Pro, you also get the benefits of Pro. The live flight updates have truly saved my ass multiple times. And as you travel, it gives you a nice overview of how much you've traveled.
    Oliver Rukavina
    Oliver RukavinaTruster of Left Wing Politics. Β· Written
    We use this to keep track of the itinerary of our trips.
  19. 2
    Walter by Triposo

    A smart (travel) compass showing where things are

    Augusto Carmo
    Augusto CarmoSuper curious Β· Written
    offline listing, pricing, useful information
  20. 2
    Cool Cousin

    Shaking up the travel world with good old human connection

    Yuval Haimovits
    Yuval HaimovitsSquad Lead - AI21 Labs Β· Written
    Great new way to get travel recommendation by real people
    Curated list of locals that give detailed itinerary.