What is the best blogging platform for startup?

I really like Ghost's simplicity, but looking for something with a bit more built-in features I don't need to code / integrate myself: comments, feedback widgets, CTAs, basic images editing (resize, crop, borders), stats, subscriptions etc.
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    Medium can be a good for this.
    Medium is really great option.
    Vinit AgrawalCo-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com) · Written
    Medium has a really good reach and a great community of readers and writers. Highly recommended for really anyone.
  2. Ricardo N FelicianoCircleCI Developer Advocate, US Navy Vet · Written
    Personally I'd suggest a static site generator such as Hugo or Jekyll. Problem is, if you don't like the work required for Ghost, you won't like those. In terms of a platform that includes "everything but the kitchen sink", that's easily WordPress. WordPress is the most mature and feature full blogging platform out there.
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    Publish a thought in seconds anonymously.

    Matt BaerFounder at Write.as · Written
    Matt Baer made this product
    While it doesn't have many of those features (in fact, they're left out on purpose), it's flexible enough to easily build on top of, especially if you want to leverage it in combination with other tools. It's hosted, so you can get set up quickly and never worry about maintenance. And though it costs nothing to start a blog, paid plans are inexpensive, and even include SSL with any custom domain you use.