Nick AbouzeidMarketing @ MainStreet

What programs can you use to build an app without coding?

Curious to see what options are out there 🙌
19 recommended
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    Build a fully functional web app without any code

    Chris DavisFounder, Data Davis · Written
    Bubble makes me feel like I have superpowers at times.
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    Fuse Studio

    The world's first visual, real-time app development tool

    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    Really impressed with this so far
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    All-in-one web design platform

    Cameron RoeGrowth Consultant, Entrepreneur · Written
    Highly recommend Webflow. You can design the app in the browser (HTML, CSS, JS) and migrate it to developers later. I did built a product for a client with this exact workflow and it only took 4 weeks to ship. It's incredibly fast and easy to use.
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    A drag-and-drop tool for anyone to build native mobile apps

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    I haven't used it yet, but Thunkable just came out with a drag-and-drop type builder for iOS the other day. I remember hearing good things about their Android builder, so I would recommend checking it out.
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    Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code

    Brian SanchezSolutions Engineering at Parabola · Written
    This will create ETL flows, that can function like a mini app, once you activate the automation. It would create an app who's function is to handle data.
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    Browse apps instantly without downloading & installing them

    Sajeel TeenahaziWorkaholic | Marketing Enthusiast · Written
    Platform that connects users as well as builder, with the upcoming builder platform.
  7. Chris DavisFounder, Data Davis · Written
    If you're thinking mobile
  8. R SharmaProduct Hunter · Written
    Great tool to start with drag and drop.
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    Shoutem v5

    Create React Native, cross-platform mobile apps easily

    Sam CouchEngineer // People Person · Written
    Super easy to use and really pretty apps!
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    Ionic Creator V2

    Build better mobile apps, faster

    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~Building code for Food Tech projects · Written
    This is a good tool if you have beginner skills with Nodejs, Angular, but you still want to build an app. It also has an export feature, where you get a project with well-structured code. So you'll start learning with code, instead of looking to empty notepad.
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    Native mobile app builder for iOS, Android & Apple Watch

    Даниел Димов made this product
    25 Modules to choose from, 30 Navigations layouts, 200 predefined icons and 12+ color schemes.
  12. Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    I've heard good things about Good Barber too. Might be worth a look. "Since its creation, GoodBarber has reinvented itself time and time again: initially targeted to content publishers, we quickly positioned ourselves to develop a product which could meet new needs, allowing Communities and Local Businesses to join in the app creation process, with unparalleled user experience."
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    Game Salad

    I have a game idea. How do I make it?

    PeteCommunity / Social Media Manager · Written
    If you want to build a game without coding, use Game Salad. This is great for learning game development and creating mobile games.
  14. Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    The best drag and drop game builder out there. Easy AF.
  15. Ali AlbooriFounder @weAppz · Written
    Online mobile apps builder for iOS & Android. It will help you to create unlimited apps with no coding skills!
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    Jasonette Cross Platform

    Make iOS and Android apps with just a single JSON

    The speed at which you can deploy a cross-platform native app with minimal coding is insane. Very powerful and improving every day!
  17. It has a visual constructor, also an opt-out option to code.
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    App Spot

    Make an app, on the spot.

    Imran LadiwalaCEO, Hand Hold Me · Written
    Imran Ladiwala made this product
    You can make an app, on the spot
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    Create iOS & Android apps quickly without coding.

    AppInstituteOnline App Builder, AppInstitute · Written
    We just launched a new feature, you can now build both native apps, and progressive web apps using the AppInstitute app builder. Check it out! We'd love to hear your feedback.