What's the best way to find out which of your customers are 'influencers'?

A lot of the solutions get really expensive for larger cohorts - we want to identify the top users among our 750k subscribers
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    Communicate personally with every single customer.

    Kate52Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    Intercom is basically magic when it comes to all things customer-related. They have more "metrics-based" features that can help you understand influencers, like you're looking for, but then also have a multitude of other options and integrations that can help you optimize your interactions with them and other user segments.
    Ryan Hoover80Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Intercom captures a lot of information about your site or app users, including their location, device, social information, and any other data you might pass. In your case, knowing how many Twitter followers someone has might be helpful. Once identified, Intercom can also message individual or groups of users via email or on the site itself.
    • We use Intercom as our primary communication tool with our SaaS users from Day 1 and have scaled with them since.

    • Matt Pliszkadiscovering SaaS apps at pickSaaS.com

      A great application to automate engagement with your visitors, focusing on personal approach towards your customers

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    Find out more about the people that follow you on twitter.

    Ryan Hoover80Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    SocialRank was built for this, optimized for evaluating one's Twitter or Facebook audience. It captures all the data would expect (number of followers, location, Twitter bio, etc.) but also includes an "influencer" rank.
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    Pro tools for SQL analysts

    Kate52Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    For a more engineering style approach to identifying influencers, Periscope is amazing. You can create what seems like infinite dashboards, many of which can be interactive to identify and drill down into different segments to understand your metrics better.