Bryce Adams
Bryce AdamsFounder of Metorik

What is a good app for creating a product's docs/help desk?

Consumer-friendly and not developer focused. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‡
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    Intercom Educate

    What a knowledge base should beโ€“personal and intelligent

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal13Co-Founder at Tars ( ยท Written
    As part of their product offering, their is Intercom Educate, which lets you make simple and beautiful, searchable help docs, which you can use standalone or easily refer to i any chat conversation with the user. We have been using it for few months and it has been really useful. Check our help docs here for reference:
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    Less support emails & more happy customers

    Arnaud Bressier
    Arnaud BressierKumbu co-founder ยท Written
    Helpjuice is probably one of the best Knowledge Base provider, given that it offers every feature a product manager could dream of (analytics, amazing search bar and perf, customization...) and mostly because it's interface is really super clean (for both customers and editors). Pricing is $$$ though...
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    Simple support system, without all the crap you don't need

    Ryan DiMascio
    Ryan DiMascioLet me fit my product in your hunt ยท Written
    Help Scout is a top notch choice
    • Kris Aguero
      Kris AgueroCo-Founder of @Advancify

      We love using Help Scout to rally up the support related emails we get on a regular basis. We switched over from Google Groups and won't look back!

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    • Tonx Konecny
      Tonx KonecnyFounder, YES PLZ

      My last company, Tonx Coffee made great use of Helpscout. It feels like a secret weapon.

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  4. R Sharma
    R SharmaProduct Hunter ยท Written
    w3clan is top notch choice to create documentation for product.
  5. Vitaliy Verbenko
    Vitaliy VerbenkoRegular Canadian guy ยท Written
    Vitaliy Verbenko made this product
    Helprace is a pretty solid help desk ticketing system, feedback gathering system, knowledge base and internal documentation system. Probably everything you ever dreamed of in a customer service system in one app. This includes reporting, SSO, customization options and more.
  6. Baptiste Jamin made this product
    Crisp Knowledge is a good looking solution that you can customize.
  7. faasthelp offers you the knowledge base as well as helpdesk, live chat in a simple and easy way by integrating into your business application is less than a minute and all come at an affordable pricing.You can add images and videos as well in the knowledge base.
  8. Sergey Stukov
    Sergey StukovCo-Founder, UserEcho ยท Written
    Sergey Stukov made this product
    Within UserEcho you can create a nice looking knowledge base for your product. Searchable, multi language, easy to maintain. Also it allows your customers to rate topics and suggest improvements to it, so with customer feedback it quality will rise in times.
  9. Pradeepa Somasundaram
    Pradeepa Somasundaramdigital marketing consultant ยท Written
    Traditionally customers opted for help desk products like ZenDesk, FreshDesk,, HelpScout for their product documentation/knowledge base. However, there are a lot of limitations (or you end up basic functionalities) using them for your documentation. Since their main product offering is not documentation, but ticketing/support system. We have addressed the gaps like backup/restore, versioning, editorial roles/approvals, better authoring experience, rich themes and end user friendly functionalities in Document360. We wanted to offer a standalone knowledge base/documentation tool specially designed for SaaS products. We are just 6 to 8 weeks away from going live, you can request early access@