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Bryce AdamsFounder of Metorik

What is a good app for creating a product's docs/help desk?

Consumer-friendly and not developer focused. Thank you! 🙇
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    Intercom Educate

    What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal13Co-Founder at Tars ( · Written
    As part of their product offering, their is Intercom Educate, which lets you make simple and beautiful, searchable help docs, which you can use standalone or easily refer to i any chat conversation with the user. We have been using it for few months and it has been really useful. Check our help docs here for reference:
    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Enables you to make simple, beautiful and, searchable help doc. You can use the docs as standalone or easily refer to chat conversation with the user.
    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Enables you to use docs as standalone or easily refer to chat conversation with the user.
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    Simple support system, without all the crap you don't need

    Ryan DiMascio
    Ryan DiMascioLet me fit my product in your hunt · Written
    Help Scout is a top notch choice
    Briana Melissa Ford
    Briana Melissa FordDigital Marketing Strategist · Written
    I loved Help Scout. It made managing multiple mailboxes a breeze
    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Offers absolute ease of use with excellent features.
    • Kris Aguero
      Kris AgueroCo-Founder of @Advancify

      We love using Help Scout to rally up the support related emails we get on a regular basis. We switched over from Google Groups and won't look back!

    • Tonx Konecny
      Tonx KonecnyFounder, YES PLZ

      My last company, Tonx Coffee made great use of Helpscout. It feels like a secret weapon.

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    Less support emails & more happy customers

    Arnaud Bressier
    Arnaud BressierKumbu co-founder · Written
    Helpjuice is probably one of the best Knowledge Base provider, given that it offers every feature a product manager could dream of (analytics, amazing search bar and perf, customization...) and mostly because it's interface is really super clean (for both customers and editors). Pricing is $$$ though...
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    StepShot Guides PRO

    Create guides and video tutorials with no hassle

    Sofia Sembai
    Sofia SembaiContent Manager · Written
    This tool is perfect for creating product manuals, user guides, and help center articles. It automatically captures all your clicks as you're completing any procedure on your desktop and generates screenshots and step descriptions for them.
    • Volodymyr Zastavnyy
      Volodymyr ZastavnyyFounder, NEWOLDSTAMP

      As a CEO, I'm often approached with different questions during the day, and this used to distract me a lot from some important tasks. What I do now, is just simply prepare the automated tutorials with StepShot and easily share them with my employees.

    • It’s often very complicated to communicate with our clients without the visual image of what they would like to change in the projects we make for them. Thanks to StepShot, our work has became much easier since now our clients just go through the website, click on what they like/dislike and provide us with a quick feedback, all in one doc!)

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    Groove 2.0

    Helping teams provide personal support at scale.

    Agata Krzysztofik
    Agata KrzysztofikHead of Growth @Groove · Written
    Agata Krzysztofik made this product
    Groove has recently rebuilt the Knowledge Base product from the ground up to be the absolute best option for help docs on the market. With the new Knowledge Base supporting WYSIWYG-based rich text editing, you can easily build UX-friendly and beautiful KBs that match your company’s branding and colors. The new KB is also optimized for mobile, SEO, and open graph. All accounts come with 1-Click SSL and custom domain. On top of that, there is reporting that helps you identify what's working in your knowledge base and where you can improve.
    • Joy Healey
      Joy HealeyPart-time blogger and Internet Marketer

      It's so important that customers with complaints or just questions are handled carefully. I always judge a company as much by the quality of its customer service team as by the product.

    • Dana Gore
      Dana GoreLearning As I Go

      Speaking for myself, I like to know that if I had questions, I could talk about them in a place dedicated to solving problems (especially with anything technical). This is clearly a win-win for both creators and users of products.

  6. Baptiste Jamin made this product
    Crisp Knowledge is a good looking solution that you can customize.
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    Zoho Desk

    Context-aware help desk software for better customer service

    Chinmayee Mishra
    Chinmayee MishraCommunity Specialist @ Zoho · Written
    Zoho Desk is a context-aware help desk software that allows you to manage tickets from multiple channels in one platform and gives you the required context to talk to your customers. Our support team can have you up and running quickly. If you're the DIY person, there's a 15-day no-credit-card free trial as well. Head over to to learn more.
    • Elias Rocha
      Elias RochaCS Supervisor

      Excellent tool for Help Desk, many more options than the old app and easy to use.

      It Would be great if Desk could have a connection to open ZOHO CRM Potentials from tickets and able to relate to agent, account, contact.

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    Software for better customer service.

    Noëlie Rx
    Noëlie RxEditor-in-chief and Front-End developper · Written
    I think for me it would be Zendesk. We are using it at my current job and it's pretty good. Not require some dev skills, but if you have some css notion, you can personalize your support thing juste like you want. Some big website use it like Udacity for exemple and it's cool.
    KitHubHands-on Science and Technology Projects · Written
    We use Zendesk Support, Guide and Chat. All of their products work well together and it was easy to include the chat agent into our websites. It's reasonably priced too compared to Intercom which seems a lot more expensive and it's unclear to us why.
    Agreed. I've been using Zendesk for over 8 years and it's always met our needs. It's the kind of software that just gets out of the way and let you do what you need to do.
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    The internal wiki your team will actually want to use

    Stowe Boyd
    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    I found it surprising this app isn't mentioned. Not a heavy user, but it should be on the list, for sure.
    • We have used Slab since it was in private beta. It's been very helpful for us as we grow and scale the company. For us, as an enterprise startup focused on lengthly sales cycles and deep esoteric knowledge, we knew we needed a great product for us to document a lot of learnings.

      Slab has been a product that everyone in the company has used, and uses without many questions or much on-boarding effort. It's been critical for us to scale knowledge and the ease at which we've managed to capture it has yielded so much as we continue to grow and add people.

      Highly recommended.

    • Jon Xavier
      Jon XavierWriter, WePay

      Slab is a simple, but very well designed wiki with a clear sense of purpose: it wants to tie together all the places your team currently stores information to become a single source of knowledge for the entire organization. The result is a wiki that lacks some of the visual niceties and tat of some other solutions, but which makes up for it in sheer usability.

      They're threading a needle here. It feels simple and doesn't impose itself at all on your writing process, but it also subtly ensures that you're keeping everything well organized and referenceable by the whole org. That's a stark contrast to systems like Confluence, which are potentially very powerful if used correctly but using where using them "correctly" imposes such an additional upkeep burden they hardly get used at all.

      Ultimately, a wiki is only as useful as the amount of infomation it contains. Slab is one of the few I've seen that my team actually seems to like to use. That's a winner today in my book, and I'm very eager to see what else they add as it develops.

  10. R Sharma
    R SharmaProduct Hunter · Written
    w3clan is top notch choice to create documentation for product.
    S Sharma
    S SharmaLet's hunt products around the world! · Written
    This will solve! Excellent tool for documentation site
  11. Vitaliy Verbenko
    Vitaliy VerbenkoRegular Canadian guy · Written
    Vitaliy Verbenko made this product
    Helprace is a pretty solid help desk ticketing system, feedback gathering system, knowledge base and internal documentation system. Probably everything you ever dreamed of in a customer service system in one app. This includes reporting, SSO, customization options and more.
  12. faasthelp offers you the knowledge base as well as helpdesk, live chat in a simple and easy way by integrating into your business application is less than a minute and all come at an affordable pricing.You can add images and videos as well in the knowledge base.
  13. Sergey Stukov
    Sergey StukovCo-Founder, UserEcho · Written
    Sergey Stukov made this product
    Within UserEcho you can create a nice looking knowledge base for your product. Searchable, multi language, easy to maintain. Also it allows your customers to rate topics and suggest improvements to it, so with customer feedback it quality will rise in times.
  14. Pradeepa Somasundaram
    Pradeepa Somasundaramdigital marketing consultant · Written
    Traditionally customers opted for help desk products like ZenDesk, FreshDesk,, HelpScout for their product documentation/knowledge base. However, there are a lot of limitations (or you end up basic functionalities) using them for your documentation. Since their main product offering is not documentation, but ticketing/support system. We have addressed the gaps like backup/restore, versioning, editorial roles/approvals, better authoring experience, rich themes and end user friendly functionalities in Document360. We wanted to offer a standalone knowledge base/documentation tool specially designed for SaaS products. We are just 6 to 8 weeks away from going live, you can request early access@
  15. Sam Makad
    Sam MakadBusiness Consultant · Written is the best multichannel customer communication platform. The platform is designed to streamline business operations and to give real-time assistance to the customers.
  16. We switched to Atlassian ecosystem few months ago. Right now we're utilizing nearly all Atlassian's products. Since the very beginning Service Desk is most important one as we're using it for communication with customers and helpdesk purposes. The recently rolled-out major overhaul made the software truly user-friendly. I love the integrations between Atlassian products, which allows us to track features since the commit to user tickets (including working on feature, building/deploying, monitoring etc). It's simply amazing. We're heavily using Confluence for KB. The price tag for small teams (we're 6 people) is more than reasonable and simply unmatched. I've been testing numerous other helpdesk/ticketing/KB systems but I really hate the fact they're so disconnected. Of course there are integrations available, but still you need to switch between many tools to get job done. Honestly I can't see any real competitor. Zoho is close, but I haven't been using it since few years. The last time I remember - it was an administrator nightmare, speaking of UX and UI. Freshworks seems to be on the right path to grow as a strong Atlassian competitor, but that won't happen soon. All in all - you should definitely give it a try.
  17. Peter Dox
    Peter DoxI am peter & I am blogger. · Written
    try this one, it works.