Basil Farraj
Basil FarrajCTO & Founder @

What's the best front-end code editor?

I'm looking to explore something new.
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    Sublime Text 3

    Sophisticated Text Editor For Code

    Jevin Sew
    Jevin SewRails / iOS developer · Written
    That's what I use for everything! From Rails to CSS.
  2. Chris Morrell
    Chris MorrellCEO, InterNACHI · Written
    WebStorm is by far my favorite Javascript IDE. I still use Sublime for lightweight editing, but any time I'm going to work on something for a while I'll do it in WebStorm.
  3. Stas Ustimenko
    Stas UstimenkoPM in Codelobster Software · Written
    It is a very good free editor with powerful support for many popular frameworks