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What are some AI powered automated customer support chat bot?

I'm looking for a tool which can automatically reply to the customers over chat and can learn over time. It'd be great if it can connect to our knowledge base articles and can produce automated replies to customer queries.
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    Build your chatbot without coding

    Daria ZabójContent designer · Written
    It's a very good tool for people who don't like coding. Bots built using this framework can answer simple questions and help visitors complete different actions. The tool integrates with Zapier so that you can connect it with plenty of other tools and automate even more tasks.
  2. Ada Support is a support bot that learns with every customer interaction. It records customer satisfaction during conversations and then presents that data in a full analytics dashboard for your team to see. The bot answers commonly asked questions to give customers faster answers and reduce overall support volume. It gets better as it learns over time, but if it doesn't know the answer yet it can escalate to human agents and prepare tickets for your ticketing platform. You can personalize the aesthetic and add videos, gifs, and pictures to responses. The company offers a service to help build your bot, including translating your knowledge base into bot- and customer-friendly responses. :)
  3. is a bot which answers and resolve support requests on email and chat. The AI is trained on past support conversations and then integrated with the existing workflow where the bot can act as a virtual agent sitting on the team and can handle new customer engagements and Level 1 support tickets.