What app do you use to read your newsletter in one place?

I subscribe to amazing newsletters like CB Insights, Bloomberg, Wall St Journal, Tech Crunch, etc. Right now, all of these go to my inbox and it can get overwhelming to read all of these during my morning commute. Is there any app that you use to aggregate all this into one place so that I can read it during my downtime? I'm thinking Pocket app, I can't save it via my inbox
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    Reeder 3

    The best feed reader just got better

    Travis Martin
    Travis MartinCo-Founder Cataliss LLC · Written
    This app has a great interface, is very simple & straight forward to use/set-up, just overall a great way to organize your RSS feeds!
    Anthony Da Mota
    Anthony Da MotaI upvote things that matter. · Written
    Got it on macOS and iOS with Feedly set up, and this is awesome.
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    Flipboard 4.0

    Personalize deeper with smart magazines

    Nono Ghannam
    Nono GhannamBuilding awesome startups from MENA 🦄 · Written
    I follow all newspapers I need within Flipboard. I also follow topics, which allows me to discover even more sources for news and readings. I've been using it for a couple of years and love it :) Also it's pretty!
    Duane Wilson✌️
    Duane Wilson✌️Product & Engineering @DeltaHandPies · Written
    what @nonoghannam said... tho, since the last update I feel like sources are more limited and my engagement has gone down. My enjoyment of twitter was heightened by this app, but no longer... I'm not really sure why but while I love it more than others it's less that it was. Your milage may vary :D
    Andrew Richards
    Andrew Richardslearning to live a life of ❤️ · Written
    Flipboard also helps me store the relevant articles that connect to topics that matter. I often teach, so I use this to pull relevant resource lists as well. Not only informative but a great collection of fascinating ideas and topics.
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    Mute Filters by Feedly

    Block distracting memes, amplify news that matters

    Not sure you can use it for all your newsletter subscriptions but definitely for the ones you mentioned
    Miguel Anampa
    Miguel AnampaEntrepreneur, Developer, Tripper · Written
    I use this one day by day and Its awesome. You have to use the feedly extention too to get your favorite newsletter (RSS Feed)
    Having the thumbnails of the articles makes it easy to fly through your feed
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    A simple RSS reader

    Feedbin is a great RSS reader but also a inbox for your email newsletter. Just subscribe your newsletter with your custom Feedbin newsletter email address.
    Taron Foxworth
    Taron FoxworthHead of Developer Advocacy at Meroxa · Written
    Feedbin is the way to go!
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    Clean up your inbox

    I use Unroll.me to gather all my newsletter in a single image so that I can browse through all of them at once and pick interesting ones to read. Plus, it keeps my inbox cleaner.
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    A simple, focused reading app for your newsletters.

    Jakob Fricke
    Jakob Fricke❤ side projects, works at @samsungnext · Written
    It's easy way to read your favourite newsletters with no distraction. It allows you to subscribe to as many publications as you want with a private email address(username@inspirat.io) which ensures you stay anonymous to websites and comes with a simple an clean interface to read every new incoming issue.
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    Stoop 2.0

    Now subscribe to YouTube channels alongside your newsletters

    Frank Meeuwsen
    Frank MeeuwsenContent Strategist · Written
    You can easily subscribe to new newsletters, it has built in discovery for new titles and the mobile version has a nice interface
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    Save articles to Read Later

    Peter Kringdon
    Peter KringdonContent Strategist / Designer · Written
    I like to use Instapaper for all my reading. You can send newsletters to Instapaper via email or even set up a filter to do it for you. Find your custom read later email address here: https://www.instapaper.com/save/...
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    Read email newsletters outside your inbox

    David Packles
    David PacklesSenior Director of Product @ Peloton · Written
    Kite makes popular email newsletters available in the app. Still early days (not every newsletter is featured), but shows promise.