Matthew Miller
Matthew MillerAI Research Analyst, CognitionX

What's the best online payment system for small businesses?

I want to start a small business and will build a simple wordpress site to facilitate this. What's the best payments system I can integrate in with it, both in terms of price and usability.
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  1. Stripe is by far the easiest way I found to set up payments in my web apps. As a nice extra, it allows you to accept Bitcoin too.
  2. It's pretty good. Most e-wallet users in India have PayTM. Easy to pay and integrate, but they do ask for a lot of documentation for you to get started!
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    Checkout Page

    The code-free way to sell anything with Stripe

    Sander Visser
    Sander VisserBuilding · Written
    Sander Visser made this product
    I'm the maker of Checkout Page. It lets you use Stripe via hosted payment pages – removing most of the hassles of integrating a payment system and letting you focus on your business.
    • Joris de Ruiter
      Joris de RuiterFounder of ConvertCalculator

      I absolutely love the simplicity of Checkout Page! Also it really gets the job done. I use it for sales of products and upfront payments of freelance work.

      Keep up the good work!