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What is the best service/tool that is free for students?

What are the best software services or tools (online or offline) that are offered to students as a free perk?
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    GitHub Student Developer Pack

    The best developer tools, free for students.

    AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. · Written
    Github Student Developer Pack gives students access to real tools to get the experience they need. The best developer tools for free.
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    Flock is a great pick for students who want to communicate with their teachers and fellow students on-the-move. Not only does it help in chat, but also helps you stay on top of your projects at all times. Have a query - just video in your pals. Share assignments and interesting articles on the move. Flock can also act your notification hub from other apps. Easy to use, free for students and available across platforms, this one should be on your must-have list!
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    Tower 4 for Mac

    A better way to work with Git

    Julian Rothkamp made this product
    If you use Git as part of your studies, the Git client Tower (Mac and Windows) is free for students.