What is the best app for reading and organizing all of your newsletter subscriptions?

My inbox is starting to become pretty cluttered with all of my newsletter subscriptions. Is there an app out there that handles newsletter subscriptions?
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    Like a podcast app, but for newsletters 💌

    Bryan AlcornSoftware Engineer · Written
    The best part is you get an email just for newsletters so you don’t have to tie them all to your real email
    Absolute best app for newsletters. I love everything about it.
    Fıratcan DOGANEntrepreneur | Tech Enthusiast · Written
    Great Pick! I like Stoop, I hate to get anything into my mailbox.
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    Unroll.Me for iOS

    Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Definitely take a look at unroll.me. You can add all of your newsletter subscriptions to your "roll up" and then get them all in a single email at a certain time of the day.
    FUERA MADURODivertida amable educada y profesional · Written
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Simple, yet very useful for unsubscribing and rolling up newsletters.
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Colby FayockHelping others to learn by doing · Written
    I run into the same issue, but what I find helpful as a Gmail user is simply using inbox's bundling features instead. It collapses to a nice single entry to update you upon incoming newsletters or you can schedule out when you receive the bundle (once a day or once a week). Pretty similar to Unroll.me, but native to Inbox and you get all the additional cool features from Inbox.
    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    I'm a huge Inbox fan (true story: I switched from Microsoft to Google mail services because of the release of Inbox— I was that impressed). You can create your own bundling rules / quasi-folders that can sort your newsletters into dedicated places in your inbox for you. From there, you can read them or delete them / mark them "done" en masse. It's super effective and allows you to reach the coveted #InboxZero so easily, and rewards you with a little sun animation when you do so!
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    Abhilash JainCustomer Success / Growth · Written
    Been using Inbox since I got to try the beta, haven't moved since. It's super simple and intuitive and makes the best out of your mail. As stated earlier by @colbyfayock and @katesegrin it's amazing. Try it to believe it :)
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    A simple, focused reading app for your newsletters.

    Jakob Fricke❤ side projects, works at @samsungnext · Written
    Inspiratio comes with your private email (or you can set up auto-forwarding from Gmail) and all your newsletter subscriptions end up in a dedicated clutter free app. Think of an podcast experience but just for newsletters.
  5. Wade ArmstrongGuy who builds things with technology. · Written
    Mailstrom is a great option, with a lot of Unroll.me-style features, without the "sells your personal information" revenue source (Mailstrom is something you pay for).
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    The new way of subscribing to newsletters

    Moak DesignsInternet Marketing Manager · Written
    It can be quite useful but it's the only one that I've known until this list. It's still good, I just wish that there was a way that I could multi-select them and mark them either read or delete.
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    Subscribe and read newsletters in one place

    Anna FilouGeek, Designer, Illustrator, Web Dev · Written
    You get an @newlettrs.app email which you can use to subscribe to any newsletter you want. Then you read said newsletters using their web app (works great on mobile too!) Everything is displayed correctly, no issues. There's also an explore section where you can discover newsletters and subscribe with one click, but it doesn't have many at the moment.
    Recently signed up for this service and I'm really loving it. It's simple, easy to use, and they provide you with an email address to use for subscribing which is really nice.
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    Leave Me Alone

    Easily unsubscribe from spam emails 💌

    Fast and efficient tool to unsubscribe from newsletters / spams ! It will scan your mailbox and let's you unsubscribe in one click. Credential based system, you get a few tokens to test it (unsubscribing costs 1 token), then you can buy more. I found it really fast and efficient, it worked on all but one of the senders I tried it with.
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    Newsletter Reading App

    Fatih YıldızFounder @Newsletter.ist · Written
    Fatih Yıldız made this product
    What makes this app different? 1. You just follow a newsletter or not. You're not going to waste your time to subscribe for newsletters. They are already on the platform. 2 You can decide to get notified or not for each newsletter. If you receive so much notifications, you can still follow but stay silent. This is not possible in inbox. 3. You can't read and follow everything. However, you can make great contents trending and it will reach more people. 4. Available on both App Store and Play Store. Web app will be launched hopefully before June. 5. UI and UX of mobile apps will be improved in the next version.
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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    Identifies by itself the kind of email you receive, and allows to easily tag senders as "newsletter" (or notifications)
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    Kill the Newsletter!

    Convert newsletters into RSS feeds

    Mathieu GuervilleIntrapreneur | Entrepreneur. · Written
    Creates RSS feeds that I then send into Feedly
    MyCFAVisit Thanks for the clarification
  12. Edison Yap made this product
    Similar to Stoop, but with a heavier emphasis on clean design and better usability. Simplicity is key :)
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    Keyboard interface to Google Chrome

    After I inboxed, I switched from Microsoft to the Google Mail service - I'm surprised). You can create your own half rules / volume, which can be broken down into fields in the Inbox. From there, you can read them individually or unmark them as "done". Powerful and lets you switch to the popular #Inbox Zero Arrow and mention the sun's sun when you're done! https://adobezii.me/
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    Easily subscribe to and read your favourite newsletters.

    Kyle HigginsonSoftware Engineer · Written
    Kyle Higginson made this product
    Easily subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters with just a single click using NewsBox. Plus your inbox is instantly populated with previous issues of the newsletter! Newsletters get delivered to the app instead of your emails.
  15. Add the RSS Feed of the newsletters, discover newsletters from here and organize according to tags!
    Megha HegdeHi, I'm Megha I am an Engineer. · Written
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    Petr PinkasCustomer Success Manager @ Feedly · Written
    There are Newsletter feeds in Feedly now: https://blog.feedly.com/get-news...
  16. You can use the app with the mod apk version on https://techsuspect.com
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  17. Mauricio Cuenca made this product
    For those who prefer the big screen, Newsletterss.com is optimized for desktop usage, it looks neat on mobile as well.
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