What Tools do you use to daily in your position?

I was wondering what tools do other Product Managers use on daily basis? What tool do you use for setting and updating the Roadmap? Personally, we use Slack, Gitlab, Google Drive for docs/sheets, Google Calendar.
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    Hygger 2.0

    The all-in-one project management tool for product makers

    If you are looking for a handy online tool with a roadmap functionality, consider Hygger as it provides everything product managers need for successful work. You'll be able to plan your goals, strategy, releases, and features with the help of smart timelines. Use convenient product roadmap templates and enjoy the other powerful features such as Kanban boards, to-do lists, prioritization matrices and so on.
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    Jerwin JoshuahSoftware Product Enthusiast & Marketer. · Written
    Clariti is another app that combines all the features that apps you have mentioned and it is FREE for users.
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    I have used for my personal road map & Team tasks it will help more efficiently
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    AnnI love productivity and books. · Written
    Zenkit will be a great collaborative tool for product managers. They can use Zenkit to plan new features, track bugs, coordinate teams, and launch products. What I personally really like is the feature to switch different views with one click (from table, to-do list, Kanban, calendar, hierarchy, to mind map) depending on your needs. Good news is that it's free, so it's worth to take a look! P.s: I'm really amazed by Zenkit and am now working there. ;)