What is the 'Canva' equivalent for video editing for Windows?

I'm looking for a video editing software which would help me add captions and texts to the videos. I need a simple software since I'm not a professional editor and my main intention is just adding captions. I don't need complex editing stuffs. I would say a 'Canva' equivalent for video editing. Update: For Windows btw . Thanks @rrhoover . Capto is Mac only. I should have made it clear :)
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    A powerful new screen recorder and editor

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Give Capto a try. It might be more feature-rich than you need but support text overlays and basic video editing functionality.
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    Templates by Typito

    200+ high quality text animations & effects on video

    Tejaswi R
    Tejaswi RBuilding @TypitoHQ. Ex @VWO @Pipe_monk · Edited
    Closest to Canva for Video and even better! Drag and drop animations, text styling, effects, templates etc. Easy to use interface to create videos for social media marketing, how to videos etc. Support is stellar! The team really wants us to succeed with video regardless of budget/professional ability to edit videos. http://bit.ly/2y4RasV
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    SalmanMaker of things · Written
    Try Trpito Simple and reliable tool for a Canva equivalent for vedio editing in any platform.
    I needed to just add animated text to certain portions of my video. Most were so complicated it would have taken me hours. I tried so many others, iMovie, Premier Pro, After Effects, Spark, Apowersoft and then I tried Typito, thank you! Intuitive, easy to use and professional presets. Will save my company a lot of money and time. Happy to have the control over these types of projects, gets things done so much faster.
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    Wondershare Mockitt

    Fast and collaborative online prototyping platform

    Leigh Cooper
    Leigh CooperI make videos on the internet! · Written
    It's simpler to use than Premiere, and it has a mobile app too. I'm a professional editor so I don't use it myself (I use Final Cut Pro X) but a lot of people I teach editing to swear by Filmora.
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    Make amazing videos to rock your marketing

    Anton Eliasson
    Anton EliassonDirector of Marketing @ Shakr · Written
    Anton Eliasson made this product
    Easy to quickly make social media video content and video ads by selecting from 1000+ video designs.
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    Create insanely good social videos in under 10 mins

    Naveen Raju
    Naveen RajuCorporate Consultant & L&D Specialist · Edited
    What’s InVideo ? I have tried many web-based video creation tools. Only a very few can come even close to InVideo. It is clearly better than other similar online tools like Typito and Content Samurai. InVideo. The Canva for making videos. Period. Thousands of pre-made templates for you to create videos for platforms from Instagram to YouTube platforms and everything in between. It has got a Simple Editor & an Advanced Editor. Sample Please check out my YouTube video, “50 ways to Upgrade your Life” created entirely on InVideo right from the Channel intro, Background music, Video template, Text animation, Video transition & animation --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtHYibwAIZQ&t=2s. [FYI: That cool Background music score in the above YouTube video was automatically suggested based on the content and added by InVideo.] 1. One solution for all your Video creation requirements - Have you always desired to create beautiful videos but you only know drag & drop. - Do you want to create a beautiful video of your kid's birthday celebration? - Restless to make a compelling video ad to promote your product or service? - Longing to start your own amazing YouTube channel? - Want to wow your friends with your Facebook posts? - Yearning to post that interesting infographic video on LinkedIn? - Desire to create & forward that hilarious video meme to all your WhatsApp groups? - An awesome Instagram video story? - Maybe, you want to earn some good money creating online courses on Udemy? 2. Ever thought of having all the much-needed features of Adobe Premiere Pro, Canva, PowerPoint, Audacity, Prezi, Typito, Filmora, Movavi and more in one package? 3. You don't have a high-end PC and you don't want to install any software? Then you have come to the right place. InVideo . Why InVideo? Thousands of pre-made templates for you to create videos for platforms from Instagram to YouTube and everything in between. And you don't need any experience in creating or editing videos. Their customer service is instant and top-notch. They guide you patiently through all the intricacies of video creation on InVideo. The killer difference from other similar services is that it has got a full-fledged Editor/ Advanced Editor using which you can edit even the background audio with precision. InVideo is web-based & can be accessed using a browser on almost any device. Moreover, whatever you do is safe on the cloud for you to access anytime & from anywhere. I regret not knowing that something like InVideo even existing. I bet, all the other legacy tools and services are surely going to copy this model. This is the future of video creation & editing! Versatile tools It also has a wonderful 'Script to Video' tool where you simply enter your script and InVideo converts it into a complete video by automatically adding images & video clips. Your text even gets converted into audio in a jiffy. Killer uses If you want to start your own YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn channels or teach online courses on platforms like Udemy, then you need to automate as much of the redundant video creation works as possible. New video templates are added every day or about 100+ every month. The best thing about these new and refreshing templates is that they practically inspire you with new ideas to create your own videos. My verdict (after using it for a month) Just blindly go for InVideo . Try it free before you decide to pay. And the pricing is very affordable. Remember, video is the future and InVideo is the future of video. With this one versatile tool, you can do a whole lot of cord cutting of other bulky, expensive & outdated/legacy tools out there. In this Covid lockdown situation with more free time, what are you going to create something new, today? InVideo
    Paul Girardin
    Paul GirardinDigital Artist (Retired Civil Servant) · Written
    Been using InVideo for a while now. And it has great power under the hood but can be used simply enough for a beginner. As you progress, you can switch to advanced controls within the program, It has some small growing pains but overall is incredible.
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    Smart social video creator for your business

    Kavir Kaycee
    Kavir KayceeProduct Manager | On Deck Fellow | ISB · Written
    Have a look at Lumen5, a web-based video editor that pulls in content from your blog articles and gives you access to royalty free images, video and audio, along with caption overlay. I'm using it to post videos on my Facebook page. Highly recommend it!
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    Create brand-compliant videos and banners, at scale.

    Anurag Dwivedi
    Anurag DwivediCo-Founder, Rocketium | rocketium.com · Written
    Anurag Dwivedi made this product
    100+ editing options, team collaboration, voiceover, motion graphics, screen recording, import After Effects files and hundreds of templates.
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    Adobe Spark

    Create social graphics, web stories and animated videos

    Val Melamed
    Val MelamedMarketing Director | Grid Concepts · Written
    Easy, especially when working with the Adobe suite already.
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