Patrick HanProduct Specialist, @CiceroAPI & @Azavea

How do nonprofits currently mobilize their constituents for advocacy campaigns?

I'm Patrick from the Cicero team. We built a web tool called District Match that lets you upload spreadsheets of addresses and match them to legislative districts & representative contact info in bulk for advocacy campaigns. I was wondering what tools and workflows nonprofits currently use to mobilize their constituents for advocacy campaigns - i.e. to call, write, and email the right elected officials based on which districts they live in?
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  1. I know a lot of people using Nation Builder for its integrated web, email and campaigning platform.
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    When it comes to online decisions, it's hard to beat Loomio.
  3. Mobilize is a great platform as it doesn't require people to log in - yet can deliver across web, iOS App, email and SMS.