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What's the best tools for tracking competitors social media metrics?

Example: Track growth of @ProductHunt on Twitter + monthly mentions
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    A powerful, award-winning app for media monitoring 🚀

    Kuba RogalskiContent Writer at LiveChat · Written
    There are quite a few social media monitoring tools available on the market that could help you with that. I tend to be biased when it comes to such questions and I'd recommend having a look at Brand24. Here are a couple of tips for starters: -add your competitors’ names as monitored keywords -monitor their domains as some people tend to include the domains rather than social media handles in their posts -monitoring branded hashtags is worth considering, too. A majority of collected mentions has an influencer score assigned to them. It gives you an idea of how influential the author of a mention is based on his number of followers on a platform a given mention appeared, as well as his interactions with them.
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    Adina JipaCo-founder @Socialinsider · Written
    Adina Jipa made this product
    If Facebook is your game, then try out Social Insider: It's a Facebook competitive tool which gives you insights about your top competitors: - the boosted posts - historical data and page evolution for any competitors - the most active fans from your competitive pages - download data as .pdf and .csv And much more. Check it out :)
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    Ad SpySocial Media Ad Intelligence Tool · Written
    We recommend this great social media ad intelligence software as it has the largest searchable database of social media ads in the market today numbering to 44.8 million ads across 183 countries from 8.8 million advertisers as of this writing. Using its unrivalled network of contributors, AdSpy can accurately assess who an ad is trying to target based on their location, gender, and age range. Your competitors may be dominating in regions and across markets you haven’t yet considered: AdSpy can show you them all. The features you expect - enhanced. Search by the text in the ad, the advertiser’s name, the number of likes it has, the type of media it uses, etc. Sort the results with clever filters: when was the ad last seen? How do users react? Which ad is the longest running? Among many other robust search and filter features and functionalities.