What is the best travel backpack for nomads?

Must have the right size, be rock solid and everything must fit in without beeing clumpy
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  1. If you don't mind a military-style design, then you can't go wrong with Goruck. Their bags are thoroughly tested and are handmade with durable materials. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  2. kleerkoatMechanical Designer · Written
    Another military style but the price doesn't reflect the quality. Every piece of gear I have gotten is durable and very well thought out in design. GoRuck is awesome gear, it's just out of my range since I need different bags for different uses.
  3. kleerkoatMechanical Designer · Written
    Another military style and the same comments I made on Condor apply.
  4. 1
    Minaal carry-on

    A new type of backpack, designed for travelers

    AjmalUX Developer · Written
    For traveling, this bag tops them all so far. The compartments are well-thought, and you'll be the fastest to go through immigration with that side access for laptop. I've own couple of other bags from crafted good and gobag, they are good bags but if I have to choose only, this is my go to.