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Which task management app works best for you and why?

I've bounced between a few—Trello, Asana, Things, good ol' pen and paper, etc. I find each has their own benefits, but I'm trying to find the one that works best with my workflow. With that said, I'd like to know specifically why you recommend your task management app over others, how you use it (workflow) and what else you've tried.
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    Taskade 1.0

    Free Collaborative To-Do List and Workspace for Remote Teams

    Roger LuProduct Manager at TripAdvisor · Written
    I've been a Taskade user for the last couple years. My groups use it for a wide range of things: meeting notes, stand up call plans, and company records, content calendaring and so forth. It's extremely flexible and frictionless to use
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Matthew StraubDigital Engagement @singularityu · Written
    I've yet to find a platform that's simple and user friendly but includes enough robust options for customization to accommodate as many workplace needs as Asana.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Trello is the best for small teams imho coz its super easy and one can quickly join to the existing workflow.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Enric EnrichSoftware Developer • Maker of Veern · Written
    It can be as simple as you want, and as powerful as you need. Available on all platforms, in multiple languages. It integrates with more than 60 services, and the list keeps growing.
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    My Desk

    A smart task manager for freelancers

    Simply the best tool to help you manage your tasks and workflow. It creates tasks for you based on your deadlines, projects and contract terms, all managed in the app. It's the easiest tool I've used in a while and has saved me endless amounts of time trying to figure out what to focus on. Interactive and fun to use too;)
    Mario 🦊Building at · Written
    Self-generated tasks is especially slick. Seems like AND CO knows what I need to do before I do...
  6. Jira is best suited to medium or big teams, I think works best for software dev teams. I find it a lil bit complicated for newbies
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    Agile task management, kanban, scrum, sprints and timers

    Vasil EnchevMaker of - Agile/Kanban/Time · Written
    Vasil Enchev made this product
    By far the newest and hottest one! Versatile and highly customizable!
    Nikolay MihaylovSoftware Engineer at @oratask · Written
    Nikolay Mihaylov made this product
    Best intuitive pm tool I have ever used
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    The fastest way to sync your team with ongoing projects

    John MurphyCo-founder, Gateway Apps · Written
    These guys are just getting started but so far I've been very impressed with their simplistic design and openness to implementing feedback suggestions. I've been using Winio every day to manage the things I need to do across several different projects and it has helped me transition from a pen and paper solution. Highly recommended!
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Iryna ManiukMarketing manager · Written
    Atlaz wins over many tools in the functionality, simplicity and cost. It's as feature-rich as Jira (and has even more cool features) and as simple as Trello. Yet it's affordable for any team. And you don't need to buy any add-ons. Bonus: it's free for teams up to 5 people :)
    Kate MakovskayaHead of Marketing at · Written
    Kate Makovskaya made this product
    Atlaz is a complete project management platform for Agile teams. As lightweight as Trello, but with a variety of additional features, that can meet needs of any Kanban or Scrum team. E.g. Kanban, Sprint and Roadmap boards. As scalable as Jira, but designed for all teams in a company from development to accountancy. Besides, Atlaz is enhanced by advanced backlog with scoring and smartly manageable notifications.
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr turns my to-do lists into real, feasible work plans, that also include time spent on meetings. I can visualize what my co-workers are doing in real-time and each person’s workload.
  11. Kadir Can KIRKOYUN@Scodeapp - CoFounder · Written
    Very good in team planning. It supports nicely with graphics.
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    Basecamp 3

    The best version of Basecamp ever made

    Arturo OjedaFounder at · Written
    The user experience is awesome, promotes async work, stops bothering with the "work can wait" feature, it has all the tools to run the company in one place (Slack + Drive + Todos + email)
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    A smart to-do list that divides up your tasks for the day

    Michael HirschFounder of Taskful · Written
    Michael Hirsch made this product
    Taskful is a smart to-do list and task manager app that helps you stay on track and meet your deadlines. It breaks down all of your tasks and only shows you what you need to do today, so you can stay focused and motivated. Whether you are trying to track your steps, drink more water, or read that book you haven't picked up in a while, Taskful is designed to help you get stuff done.
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    Intuitive collaboration and task management tool for teams.

    AlexPreparing something interesting. · Written
    Great, clean and mindpeaceful solution for small and medium teams. Just take a look at it's dashboard, it's awesome! What I do love mostly, comparing to the other solutions, the ability to link up one task to another saying that the task is blocks by another! That's great (I've seen this feature only in Jira, but it is quite expensive and uncomfortable for the small teams). To sum up, MeisterTask has a great and subtle design and a pack of features and abilities to be integrated with quite a number of apps.
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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    I've been using Wunderlist primarily for it's design, ease-of-use, and collaboration (primary use case is groceries with my wife, etc.). It's definitely not perfect as they were bought 2 years ago by Microsoft and their product is being retired for Microsoft To Do (which is alright, but doesn't have any collaborative features yet). Only other one I'd recommend would be Flow if you're working with teams / thinking about using it for work. I kinda wish they had an option for personal use!
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    Visual collaboration mind mapping tool for your ideas

    FarizaAdventurer of a lifetime 😎 · Written
    Fariza made this product
    Good mind mapping tool, beautiful interface and very simple. Oh and it's free!
  17. 2 To-do list, Calendar & Reminders

    +20M people rely on to keep their lives under control

    Any.do20M People get things done with · Written made this product
    The #1 app keeping life under control and getting things done.
  18. chrilleBusiness developer · Written
    Today is a browser-based to-do list. Now/Later, only 5 tasks at the time. Keeping it simple!
  19. Dmitry, CEO & Founder · Written
    We use Bitrix24 in our company
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    Manage, share, and get your work done smarter

    Ferenc ForgacsDigital tinkerer 👨‍💻 · Written
    Easily customizable for your team's workflow.