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What is the best email client for Mac that offers email tracking?

What is your best choice for an email client for Mac that offers email tracking feature like Astro?
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    A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

    Alexandre Mouriec
    Alexandre MouriecFull-Stack Engineer @Crisp · Written
    I use Polymail on Mac and IOS and the email tracking feature works well on both
    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I asked a similar question a week back, only to realize that Polymail was already installed on Mac long back. Polymail offers read-receipts even without Polymail Pro subscription.
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    Charles Han
    Charles HanFounder of Catchup · Written
    I love Polymail - great design and functionalities. However, there are some caveats: poor efficiency on Mac (~80% cpu usage while idle) and the lack of an android app.
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    The mail app with magical search

    Tarkan Serim
    Tarkan SerimBusiness Analyst / Project Manager · Written
    I've been using Newton for a about 2 months now, and love all the features they have in addition to tracking. Great design, has features such as tracking, snoozing, send later, as well as integrations with other tools (Trello, Wunderlist, Pocket, Evernote, Asana, Todoist etc.)
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    Justin Mitchell
    Justin MitchellBuilding products @SoFriendly · Written
    Amazing email client and awesome tracking. Highly recommend.
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    I love Newton! .. been using for a while now and love everything about it. Tried others as well but always came back to it.
  3. It's the fastest, most stable email client for someone like me (product hunter with about a hundred tousand unread messages). It also doesn't eat storage on my mac. And unlike many there, it's free.
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    I like spark
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    Fast, Reliable, Easy to use and the latest update is great
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    Astro for Android

    Modern email app for Mac, iOS, and Android, powered by AI

    Tried Polymail, Newton, Spark, Airmail and some others. When Astro came along, I stuck with it. They still don’t support IMAP and may lack some other fancy features, but the current featureset (priority box, snoozing, tracking, follow up reminders, inline answering etc) is well executed and reliable.
    Ruben Garcia
    Ruben GarciaSolutions Engineer @ Dropbox · Written
    I've used tons of tons of email clients over the years and Astro quickly became my preferred choice. It's smart, efficient, well developed and the team behind it are super active and responsive to feedback.
    Hemanth G
    Hemanth GCo Founder, CTO @ Lobb · Written
    Been using this after my Polymail trial expired. Love the simplicity and simple AI features (You haven't been opening emails from , should I auto-archive and mark future messages as read.?) Best alternative if you are looking for Mail Tracking, Scheduling and some intelligence, the Priority inbox is A+ too
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    Nylas Pro

    The extensible, open source mail app.

    Christos X
    Christos XCreative Director · Written
    Works well, lets you use labels and Gmail shortcuts. Really sharp and customizable with themes.
    Brandon R.
    Brandon R.Technical Director · Written
    Use this all the time
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    The Freshdesk Mint Experience

    The biggest product and visual update to Freshdesk

    Marc Vilaregut Andreu
    Marc Vilaregut AndreuDigital Marketing. From Barcelona · Written
    If you like Mac Mail this is an extension with some features that includes tracker. Very happy with it, paid the full software for unlimited actions
    Rand Bleimeister
    Rand BleimeisterPresident, Sylvan Learning of LA · Written
    I've used this for about six months and it is great. It offers a lot of features for those of us who use Mac Mail.
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    Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

    Seamless integration into Gmail through Chrome and works on all types of computers. Offers a reliable email tracking feature as well as a bunch of other features.
    Patrick Kanaley
    Patrick KanaleyBiz Dev @ BrandYourself · Written
    Mixmax also has a desktop app – weak spot is mobile, but supposedly in the works. Very much a desktop tool at the moment, but our team uses and loves it.
    I use Mixmax at a long time and recommended. The only deficiency I feel is a mobile application (or web app).
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    Take your Gmail game to the next level

    Allan Caeg
    Allan CaegFounder, · Written
    While this is a Chrome plugin, it's worth mentioning (like how folks upvoted Mixmax). It tracks email opens and clicks accurately and knows who among multiple receivers opened the email. As for native mac apps, I still find myself using for browsing through lots of emails... but I do use on Chrome for sending business-related emails
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    Missive 3.0

    The shared inbox that empowers teams to truly collaborate!

    Philippe Lehoux made this product
    In Missive you can track reads and share the resulting data with your teammates.
    Missive as fantastic, but it is very expensive if using just as an email client since you'd need to pay $12/mo to get unlimited history, the middle plan $8/mo only downloads last 6 months of email history and free only 15 days. It is primarily a team communication app, and a very good one at that. But it is not priced fairly for those just seeking to use email
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    The best email tracking solution I've found. Free

    Abraham Navas
    Abraham NavasProduct & Service Designer · Written
    Lightweight Gmail-Chrome integration, with reports about what emails have been already read and haven't been read yet.
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    FollowUp Personal CRM

    The personal CRM for Gmail

    Karl Nislow
    Karl NislowSolutions Architecture + FP&A · Written
    This extension can be added to gmail. Lightweight and solid.
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    CRM in your inbox - for Gmail

    Connor Cirillo
    Connor CirilloConversational Marketing at HubSpot · Written
    May not be exactly what you're looking for, but this sits on top of Gmail inside Chrome. I love it. Super customizable. Great for outreach.
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    Lightning fast mail client for OS X

    I have been using airmail which supports email tracking , templates , send later , remind me if didn't get reply, support for top cloud service ,what not everything I required without monthly subscription just a onetime payment
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    Mailbutler 2.0

    Your personal assistant for Gmail and Apple Mail 📬

    If you're used to Apple Mail but need just some additional features, I can't recommend Mailbutler enough. It seats comfortably in your everyday client, and the tracking is there when you need it - either for every email you send or just for selected ones. Check out for more :)