What is the best app to help make a business plan?

I'm launching my startup, and I'd like to know some tools to help me improve my business plan, before trying to get investors. I'm using Android and Windows. Thanks !
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    Modern business planning for startups

    Only heard good things about Bizplan!
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    Upmetrics 2.0

    Create professional business plans quickly

    Vinay Kevadiya made this product
    Pick a business plan template and start editing right away. Template also includes guideline for each and every sections. User It's financial forecast tool and embed necessary reports into your business plan. It also provides many different options for cover page or brand customization.
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    Living presentations and documents.

    Moin UddinCreator/Developer · Written
    Includes business plan and many other pre-made docs.
  4. Basil FarrajCTO & Founder @ Freesist.com · Written
    Basil Farraj made this product
    Using Freesist, you can find people who will consult and help you get your business plan done. For Free.