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What is the best app to help make a business plan?

I'm launching my startup, and I'd like to know some tools to help me improve my business plan, before trying to get investors. I'm using Android and Windows. Thanks !
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    Modern business planning for startups

    Only heard good things about Bizplan!
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    • Brandon Boynton
      Brandon BoyntonCEO at Vemity AI

      I was initially very excited to use Bizplan. As a founder, I would much rather be working on tasks that directly impact the success of the business, not accounting. However, when I started using this platform, it seems to be very poorly designed. It's very buggy.

      The very first page broke and I had to manually change an HTTP request to get by. Finally it asked me to upgrade to premium, even though I was already a premium user. I started to enter some financial data and it kept failing to save, or closing out on me.

      Beyond the bugs, the design of the platform is sub-par. It's not overly easy to navigate and could certainly be described as confusing.

      All-in-all, I would not recommend BizPlan to my greatest competitor/enemy. Avoid this product at all costs.

    • I've been using this App for about 1 year and I can see the evolution. Some of the features are not applicable in my country so I only use the BizPlan app alone.

      Last year, the app was buggy indeed and I had to test it with several browsers instead (mine is Safari ;)) But over time, improvement to the UI is apparent and the UX is goes without saying.

      For now, I think BizPlan can use some development in the Mobile Version compatibility or a lite mobile app to simply showing it from tablet or edit some of the descriptive content in each plan whenever users are having discussion on the go or having a sudden inspiration while commuting or in a meeting.

      Yes I do personally recommend it compared to another app that offering the same functionality in SS and several other apps that I already purchased in Mac AppStore.

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    Living presentations and documents.

    Moin Uddin
    Moin UddinCreator/Developer · Written
    Includes business plan and many other pre-made docs.
  3. Basil Farraj
    Basil FarrajCTO & Founder @ · Written
    Basil Farraj made this product
    Using Freesist, you can find people who will consult and help you get your business plan done. For Free.