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Jรกnos SpindlerBranding & Digital Product Designer

Is there a note writing app as basic as Apple's "notes" but with a better UI?

Hey everybody! I am still searching for a super simple app that pretty much does what the standart "notes" App does on iOS but with a cleaner/better UI. yes there is "evernote" which is great but has already too many functions for me. I just want to type words in nice typography ๐Ÿ˜•
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    iA Writer 4

    Embed images, tables and text as blocks of content in text

    Rizwan Javaid
    Rizwan JavaidProduct (UI/UX) Designer ยท Written
    I love iA Writer for the minimal interface. I can open a new document and just start typing. The left and right panels collapse for even more space. There are no ribbons, icons, and unnecessary UI elements to distract you from your goal of writing.
    joshuaStudent ยท Written
    definitely seconded. i don't use Apple Notes anymore, purely because of iA (i wasn't even looking to replace Notes, it just sort of happened).
    • Karthik Subramanian
      Karthik SubramanianContent and Branding guy

      I deep dive into writing rituals using this software. Tough to explain beyond it. But they have gotten their UI perfect for a writing mode.

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    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    Hemanth G
    Hemanth GCEO, Wipadika Innovations ยท Written
    Beautiful and full of features when you need them. Clean actionable alternative to notes on iPhone/macOS
    • Justin Deardorff
      Justin DeardorffHunter/Gatherer of Ideas

      I searched high and low for a replacement to the Mac OS default Notes app, which is incredibly limited in functionality and insufficient for my needs. I had one twist - I needed to find a note taking app for Mac that did not sync or store notes in the cloud. Bear does just that and it happens to be great. I really enjoy the hashtag categorization system and ability to have multiple tags on a note. It's a twist on Evernote style tags, but with a lighter-weight style of notebook organization and management.

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    • Scot Krueger
      Scot KruegerFounder of Krutech.com

      Overall I love Bear. It is beautifully designed. I love the simple interface and the ability to tag notes is amazing. It makes searching for old notes so much easier. This is better than Apple Notes and I love it so much more than Evernote.

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    Sublime Text 3

    Sophisticated Text Editor For Code

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal13Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com) ยท Written
    This may come as a surprise, but this little text editor is not just a favorite for Developers, but also it's pretty good as a minimal note taking app. The best part is that you can just write stuff in it, in a new tab and close and when you open it again, everything will be as you left it.
  4. Typora is great - a minimal interface, very simple to use, no clutter, just the basic features you need.
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    Simple, lighter alternative to Evernote

    Alex Ovs
    Alex OvsProduct Design @Acronis.com ยท Written
    Light, clean, and free.)
    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      Simplenote is one of those finest note-taking apps you can ask for. Coming from Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, it enables seamless ability to publish the notes online. Great app, to sum it up!

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    • Simplenote truly was the most beautiful app of its day. It completely transformed what productivity was for me. There aren't many apps you expect to still be using ten years later.

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