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What is the best DAM (digital asset manager) to organize huge amounts of photos?

I have found one that is called Bynder: I was wondering if anyone could help us find similar solutions with the following features: # image tagging # image categories # super fast and intuitive interface with drag and drop # possibility to add text associated to an image # easy to use wit multiple users # feeling that 20k HD photos/year is not a big deal to manage and open to more features of course !
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  1. Rajesh Shah
    Rajesh ShahFounder & CEO, Datamaton Inc. · Written
    If you are looking for home/personal use, Blob lets you tag, organize and search photos (as well as docs, videos, music, emails, contacts, appointments, social media posts...). It runs on your computer, not cloud (currently) so 20K photos/yr is fine if your computer/storage can handle it (I use it with ~2 terabytes).
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    Simple brand asset sharing and discovery

    Brittany Jones
    Brittany JonesDigital Marketing Manager at Brandfolder · Written
    Full disclosure - I'm on the marketing team at Brandfolder. However, I do know that Brandfolder can meet all of the features you listed above and more! We also offer auto-tagging which would be especially helpful when uploading 20k+ photos a year. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us directly at
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    Ariel Long
    Ariel LongGrowth with tech · Written
    Thanks for mentioning Bynder. I'm a member of Bynder's marketing team, and can confirm that all the features you listed there are available. We have a product trial where you can get a quick review of the interface and basic features ( Plus, as you are a fellow Product Hunter and a Tech Explorer as you stated, I have a cool proposal for you :)! If you are interested to hear more, please get in touch with me at Thank you!
  4. Steven Lam
    Steven LamDigital Asset Manager / Content Producer · Written
    WebDAM is also created by Bynder. I am the DAM manager and admin WebDAM at my work. WebDAM is a really slick and user friendly Digital Asset Management platform. It is cloud base and has alot of awesome customizable features. I highly recommend WebDAM over Adobe Scene 7 (built with Flash) and 5thKind (clunky PC like interface). WebDAM has unlimited users and also has plugins for Adobe CS.
  5. MediaValet offers all of the features you've listed - tagging, categories, intuitive UI, unlimited # of users - also easily integrates with Adobe CC
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