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What is the best DAM (digital asset manager) to organize huge amounts of photos?

I have found one that is called Bynder: I was wondering if anyone could help us find similar solutions with the following features: # image tagging # image categories # super fast and intuitive interface with drag and drop # possibility to add text associated to an image # easy to use wit multiple users # feeling that 20k HD photos/year is not a big deal to manage and open to more features of course !
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    Raul Tiru
    Raul TiruFounder GlobalOwls (Social Enterprise) · Edited
    Raul Tiru made this product
    Search, create & share content in no time. Lytho's Digital Asset Management Solution allows you to keep your entire company on-brand. Quickly access your assets from the platforms you use most with our integrations; Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, WordPress and more. If you're a nonprofit trying to build your brand, check out how Lytho can help:
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    Simple brand asset sharing and discovery

    Brittany Jones
    Brittany JonesDigital Marketing Manager at Brandfolder · Written
    Full disclosure - I'm on the marketing team at Brandfolder. However, I do know that Brandfolder can meet all of the features you listed above and more! We also offer auto-tagging which would be especially helpful when uploading 20k+ photos a year. If you're interested, feel free to reach out to us directly at
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    Fuelling the world’s favorite brands

    Ariel Long
    Ariel LongGrowth with tech · Written
    Thanks for mentioning Bynder. I'm a member of Bynder's marketing team, and can confirm that all the features you listed there are available. We have a product trial where you can get a quick review of the interface and basic features ( Plus, as you are a fellow Product Hunter and a Tech Explorer as you stated, I have a cool proposal for you :)! If you are interested to hear more, please get in touch with me at Thank you!
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    At the heart of your brand

    Steven Lam
    Steven LamDigital Asset Manager / Content Producer · Written
    WebDAM is also created by Bynder. I am the DAM manager and admin WebDAM at my work. WebDAM is a really slick and user friendly Digital Asset Management platform. It is cloud base and has alot of awesome customizable features. I highly recommend WebDAM over Adobe Scene 7 (built with Flash) and 5thKind (clunky PC like interface). WebDAM has unlimited users and also has plugins for Adobe CS.