Ben Tossell

What is the best hardware wallet for storing Bitcoin, Ether, etc?

We should all know by now that exchanges are not safe to keep your Crytpocurrencies... What are the best wallets that we should store them on?
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    Bitcoin Trezor

    The Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

    Ayrton De Craene
    Ayrton De Craene18Code @ Clearbit · Written
    I know a couple people who got the Trezor which has been working fine for them. Looks a bit fancier than the Ledger Nano S but it's also slightly more expensive.
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    Ledger Nano S

    A secure Bitcoin and Ethereum hardware wallet

    Ayrton De Craene
    Ayrton De Craene18Code @ Clearbit · Written
    I ordered the Ledger Nano S last week, it hasn't shipped yet so I currently don't have any personal experience with it. The Nano S was recommended to me by @cagriaksay and said it was working really well for him. They ship out of France so shipping cost might be significant unless you live in Europe (to ship to Belgium it was +- 7 euros)
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    Ben Tabas
    Ben TabasAlways learning. · Written
    Nano S is easy to use, secure and versatile. It supports several different types of coins (Ripple, bitcoin, ETH, ETC, Stratis, etc) and the list keeps growing. Plus the device is beautifully designed. Highly recommended!
    • Fahim Sachedina
      Fahim SachedinaApp Evangelist, Global App Testing

      When I first bought bitcoin, I kept an eye on how best to secure my investment and any future investments I decide to make.

      I kept hearing about the Ledger Nano S and decided my investment was worth approx €75.

      The Ledger basically adds a secondary security layer on what is pretty much a secure USB for cryptocurrency.

      The product has given me a great level of security for a small price. Even if the Ledger Nano S decides to wander off, my coins won't be lost, as I can just purchase a new Ledger wallet and put my coins in the new wallet by using the Chrome plugin. Easy :).

      You get a unique set of 24 words and have to enter 4-8 character passcode, so as long as you have those, you'll be fine.

      Highly recommend.

    • Valentin Commenge
      Valentin CommengeWeb Developer @MyLittleParis

      Very nice product, it's very slick ! Easy to use and support lot of coins !

      Support team is very nice and the website got a rich FAQ.

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    Making cryptocurrencies spendable anytime anywhere

    David Adamu
    David Adamu3Maker. Product Designer @Andela · Written
    TenX provides you with a card
    • JimPugh

      The app needs updating to include more coins. Great team and product. I can only see a bright future with the tenx card.

  4. Andrea Boi
    Andrea BoiDesigner at Elpis Investments · Written
    Andrea Boi made this product
    If anyone is interested, we have created an AI-based investment system that help investors to find the best performance possible.
  5. Anastasia  Surkova
    Anastasia SurkovaWaves Platform, Community manager · Written
    Can recommend Waves Platform Wallet, which supports bitcoin, ethereum, ethereum classic etc. (the list is constantly expanding) , has a high network speed with hundreds of transactions per second and only a small commission fee.
  6. This has a good range of hardware and on the go apps, including a bitcoin debit card