Celia Broch
Celia BrochDesigner

Is there a good and free landing pages builder that can export the page in HTML?

I need to prototype landing pages that will be push by a emailing tool, I would like to avoid coding the whole page from scratch
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  1. Sezgin Hergul
    Sezgin HergulProduct Marketing @ GetResponse · Written
    GetResponse has a built-in landing pages tool that allow you to build pages with drag-n-drop tool. Once you build your page, you can send it via GetResponse to your subscribers. Landing pages also allow you to get the HTML code of each landing page created with the tool. Disclaimer: I work for GetResponse.
  2. 1

    Instantly search domains, social media handles & logotypes.

    I absolutely love their website builder. It's a breeze to use, and you can export the images, HTML and CSS files in one click. For free :)
    • Mason Payne
      Mason PayneFounder, Masonite Studios, LLC

      I love the simple tools that do all the hard work of checking for availability and price. Excellent simplification of a laborious process.

  3. 1
    Gridbox v1.0

    Simple interface builder for Bootstrap & Foundation.

    Ramakrishna Anand
    Ramakrishna AnandFounder, Gridbox.io · Written
    Ramakrishna Anand made this product
    Gridbox is a Powerful Visual HTML Builder which features a super simple drag and drop interface, with a rich library of prebuilt Bootstrap and HTML 5 elements that lets you create html pages faster. Note: Gridbox is not a Landing Page Builder, it is a visual html prototyping tool. However you can easily design Landing Pages using Bootstrap 4 Components / HTML Components with powerful visual CSS Designer and export the code for your personal/commercial use.