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Jiwon JangCEO at Yess & Additor

What is the best task management app integrated with calendar apps or with its own calendar?

I'm considering to use Things3, but it seems that the calendar feature is rather weak. Any Mac app to recommend?
28 recommended
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. πŸ§ βœοΈβœ…

    Dionis Loire made this product
    Taskade has a built-in calendar that lets you visualize your upcoming tasks, roadmaps, and milestones. It will sync with Google Calendar and Outlook soon. You can easily manage your tasks across on web, desktop, and mobile.
  2. Alexandre MouriecFull-Stack Engineer @Crisp Β· Written
    I highly recommend Todoist and their recent Google Calendar Integration. You can see your tasks in Todoist but also in Google Calendar(There is also a iCal link feature) It synchronizes on both sides. I am using it and I am really happy with the product πŸ™
    Denim BasumataryKnow Less. Do More. Β· Written
    Todoist has recently introduced sync feature with Google Calendar. It is a two way sync which is unique and isn't found in most of the apps.
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    Andreas DuessFounder, Boreal Brewing Β· Written
    Finally. To-do lists are an absolute waste of time, creating little but anxiety. Scheduling tasks is the way to get them done. The question remains of course, why use Todoist in the first place, when scheduling can be done within the calendar environment.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Siobhan O'Rorke made this product
    It has a calendar view for every project/collection you create. A 'global calendar' has also just been released - you can connect multiple collections to it so you can see tasks and events from multiple projects in one place. A direct integration with other calendar apps like Google Calendar is on the way too!
    Eric EbertMarketing and PR Β· Written
    Eric Ebert made this product
    For an overall view of your projects, Zenkit gets it done. It seamlessly adds a calendar to other popular workflows: Lists, calendars, mind maps, tables, etc.
  4. 17

    A beautiful organizer that integrates into your calendar

    Steven HambletonFounder, Emailancer Β· Written
    Create projects and tasks and schedule the time to do them!
    Derrick LiCofounder @ Macro Β· Written
    Plan has the best task management product - killer UI / UX.
    Giovanni PuntilYet another boring guy. Β· Written
    I love Plan too! very simple and a very unique interface
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Lachlan CampbellNYU β€˜23β€”Hack Club/Design+JSβ€”they/them 🌈 Β· Written
    Things is a fabulous task manner with an impeccable design. It also shows your calendar events on each day, both in the Today and Upcoming views.
    nothing_but.flowersYou can't make me Β· Written
    I find the combination of Things and Fantastical 2 to be so far better than any single app solution.
    Florian Egermannartist, activist, astronaut. Β· Written
    I like Things3 a lot, itΒ΄s my current task manager. But: While you can display calendar events in the app, you cannot edit them and can not change the app that opens when you click the event.
  6. Krasi TenevaPositive Thinker, Day Dreamer, Lover. Β· Written
    It is great when you need to share with others or create an event, and you can sync with your google calendar, IOS reminders and much more. Check the link: https://helpspot.readdle.com/cal...
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    Francesco D'AlessioThe Productivity App Guy Β· Written
    Agree. Calendars 5 is my go-to calendar app! However, I don't use it alongside the embedded to-do list!
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    Goals in Google Calendar

    A calendar that finds time for your daily goals

    Anne-Laure Le CunffFounder, Ness Labs Β· Written
    If you're using Google Calendar, it already has a task management system integrated inside the web app. They're now called goals, as they are more flexible, and placed intelligently in your calendar at a time you're likely to be able to complete the task.
  8. 5
    Butleroy 4.0

    Your personal butler for more productivity

    philipp_baldauf made this product
    We have built an app that combines Microsoft, Google, Apple, Todoist, Trello and Wunderlist, with smart scheduling on top :)
  9. 4

    A smart to-do app, now with folders, quick add and more

    Quotes for LifeOwner @ Quotes for Life Β· Written
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    Any.do 3.0

    Organize all aspects of your life with Any.do

    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer Β· Written
    I use is personally, It's an awesome task manager, they have their own calendar which integrates with their own app as well as Google Calendar (What else you need in life :) ). Their design one of the best if you compare it with other task managers.
    Daniel NiklassonBusiness Analyst / Developer Β· Written
    This one is not just a task manager, it's a personal assistant in your pocket. It reminds you of things you have to do with a daily "any.do-moment" and it fits great into the "Get things Done"-concept.
  11. 5

    Tasks management for productivity junkies

    Jay AlsmanJourney through all things creative Β· Written
    My favorite so far is 2Do. The calendar portion could be better visually, but it does integrate with your own calendars. The task/ project portion is the best I've found for me personally. Very customizable, and can be as simple or as complex as you need.
    Florian Egermannartist, activist, astronaut. Β· Written
    If work on Apple devices, and have set up 2Do configured to use reminders (instead of Dropbox) for sync, your tasks are displayed (and editable) in your calendar app. Best integration i have seen so far.
  12. 5

    Markdown + calendar + notes

    Lee ChapmanSaaS is as much "Success as a Service" Β· Written
    It includes "markdown" styling with calendar integration, note taking for each day as well as a note pad.With the Markdown, you can assign tasks . Pretty cool to look back on each day ALTHOUGH there is no task notification.
    Florian Egermannartist, activist, astronaut. Β· Written
    Calendar-centric, plain-text task management. Has an iOS-App.
  13. 4

    Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful organization

    Izzy Piyale-SheardFounder - Unlock China Β· Written
    Moo.do is great for integrating a to-do list with calendar and email. It's really an incredible all-in-one.
  14. 3
    DayViewer 2.0

    Organizer, planner & diary with team collaboration rooms

    Krasi TenevaPositive Thinker, Day Dreamer, Lover. Β· Written
    Check out this.
    Chet KarsanFounder, DayViewer.com Β· Written
    Chet Karsan made this product
    Hi! Just wanted to shout about our product DayViewer! we have tasks entry possible directly in our own calendar - since our posting on Product Hunt, we have made many updates including a fast planner system (will update our listing soon!). We are suited to task management for personal, professional and businesses as we incorporate information management such as notes, journal posts, attachments, contacts and payments. Feel free to take a look around.
  15. 3

    Real-time team messenger tool

    Flock is a free chat app available on Mac and all other platforms as well. It has an inbuilt meeting scheduler app which gathers convenient time slot from all attendees, You can also book meeting rooms using the app. Schedule your day and leave it up to Flock to remind you about it. Cancel or reschedule meetings from Flock's UI. Pretty cool that way.
  16. Asana is hands-down the best (read: most intuitive, flexible, and reliable) task management app. I use it for everything from large, complex customer implementation roadmaps to managing my packing list for a backpacking trip over the weekend. It has it's own calendar functionality and can also tie into Google Calendar. The mobile app is great and everything syncs seamlessly.
  17. Task management system which plans your day
    Francis WadeFramework Consulting Β· Written
    It's one of the few apps which goes into your calendar and dynamically figures out the next task you should be working on, while reconfiguring and optimizing all the entries. A huge time-saver.
  18. 3

    A web app for structuring your thoughts into lists

    Tracy MarshallConnecting One Dot at A Time Β· Written
    Like Workflowy with its infinite drill down focused outlines, but more advanced with it's Google Calendar integration.
  19. Checkvist centers around collapsible outlines which makes it very powerful for tasks and projects. Comes with iCal link and integrates with Zapier which makes it very very flexible.
  20. 3

    Powerful to-do list with Evernote integration

    GTD system with calendar integration