Atlas Recall

A searchable photographic memory for your digital life

George Hilton
George HiltonI do something somewhere · Written
Does anyone have recommendations for a memory improvement game? I have extra time on my hands, thanks to Recall, and I don't need to remember where I've browsed; where files are stored; or what my work looked like several revisions ago. Recall provides *so* much utility while simultaneously disappearing - there isn't any configuration or maintenance necessary. Many products claim to "just work" but nothing comes close to Recall's ability to work out of the box with zero maintance. Additionally, it provides faster lookup of websites, files, and everything Mac without the setup/organizational investments of bookmarks, folders, or tags! It actually tags all of your digital "stuff" automatically (and intelligently). It provides smarter & quicker search results than Alfred or LaunchBar (I've used both), but with only the smallest system overhead as the index is stored in the cloud (encrypted in rest and motion no less).