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πŸ€– Video Chat in browser with AI Subtitles + Transcript πŸ€–

Priansh Shah
Priansh ShahCurrently @ Aiko AI (helloaiko.com) Β· Written
Priansh Shah made this product
Typing can be convenient sometimes to search through, but our team has switched to using our own product for nearly all our communications now. We built Aiko Meet so that you could speak instead of type, with engaging video meetings that focus on productivity! Not to toot our own horn here but we think we're pretty cool too 😊 Aiko Meet is like any other video chat except it runs entirely in the browser, comes with no downloads or installs, and as long as you're using one of our top supported browsers (i.e. Chrome) it'll automatically transcribe everything you say as well. With a full transcript we've been able to go back in time to read what we discussed, while keeping the flexibility of video/voice that's just way faster for communicating than typing things out. We're working on integrating with other chat solutions as well so you'll soon be able to use us with many other popular tools like Slack!