What is the best team chat solution? and why?

Slack gets a lot of BUZZ but there are other solutions like Skype for Business,Atlasssian and Hipchat. I wonder what is the best and why you think that.
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade lets you chat, video conference, and work together on the same page. You can keep track of team chat in a structured way, as each conversation refers back to the task list. Visualize your task list in kanban view, mind maps, and more.
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund · Written
    Sorry to state the obvious but Slack is our favorite because it's: ✅ Available on every platform ✅ Delightful to use (although I'm not a fan of the overly complicated threaded replies) ✅ Has a vibrant community building bots and integrations for just about everything (see the Slack topic on PH)
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    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    Slack is the freaking best. I'm on the same team as Ryan and I can attest that Slack is a thriving and delightful chat service. They've done such a brilliant job on messaging that work friends and I often find ourselves trying to use Slack commands or emojis in our text conversations (@-ing people doesn't work in text, as much as I want it to, nor does :party-parrot: and :bananarocks:, an underrated dancing banana).
    Patrick LoonstraDesigner at patrickloonstra.nl · Written
    The integrations are awesome!
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    Simple and easy to use chat, video and voice calls for teams

    My pick is Zoho Cliq. Here's why: *Simple, easy-to-use, straight forward UI. *Perfect for teams of all sizes. *Adapts to your Organizational structure. *Can integrate with all your favorite applications and is tightly integrated with other Zoho Apps! *Available across all platforms. *Audio, Video Calls & Screensharing in addition to one-to-one and group messaging. *Video broadcasting for groups *Reminders to follow up on to-dos *Manage events and organize meetings. Syncs with your default calendar. And more! Check out https://www.zoho.com/cliq/
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    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft's Slack competitor

    NikolaKMarketing & Analytics Mandrak · Written
    Microsoft Teams is great within organization that use Office ecosystem. The nativeness of onedrive and office product is just amazing. Files, calendar, skype, all is there in one browser (and desktop app if need be). Teams offers creation of teams and channels within them. Every team has a wiki, files and integration. All the office files can be embeded within the teams rather easy. Chatting, sharing and creating in Teams is easy and intuitive. Microsoft Teams mobile app is amazing as well. From time to time is kinda slow. But the team at Microsoft are optimizing it all the time. Their work on it and constant tweaking points to a good future.
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    Sushruth SastryJavaScript developer · Written
    Better integration with office ecosystem. Also conferencing is pretty neat too.
  5. Pranavi TallaBusiness analyst · Written
    Troop messenger is the best team chat solution for business, instant messaging, file sharing, video conference, user-friendly, all in one application for the team that is at an affordable price and compatible with all smartphones and web series.
    deepthi ragaBusiness Development Executive · Written
    It is the best app you can easily communicate with the team with groups, video conference it has a good UI/UX design and user-friendly application.
    lakshmi tadipatrifreelance Blogger · Edited
    With Troop Messenger , it was very simple to sign up and set up my teamspace. This was the main reason why I chose it. I had used other chat software before and they all had huge cons like high price, poor interface, crashes. Troop Messenger is by far the easiest and most beautiful tool that I've every used.
  6. David V. KimballFounder Blippi.gg, Family Friendly Live · Written
    I know this is made for gamers - but there's simply not a better product out there for chatting. Currently a sidehustle project of mine exclusively uses Discord for chatting and even dev/creative collaboration. Pros: - Free, all messages saved with unlimited space for media - Text chats, voice chats, video chats, and screen sharing - 8MB upload limit (50MB if you pay) - Wildly intuitive roles/channels/chats management - Bot integration means you can do almost anything Slack can do - On all platforms + web - Simply a delight to use Cons: - Have to purchase Nitro to use animated emoji - Since it's new not nearly as widespread or known (yet)
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    Aiko Meet

    Video chat in your browser with AI-powered subtitles

    Priansh ShahCurrently @ Aiko AI (helloaiko.com) · Written
    Priansh Shah made this product
    Typing can be convenient sometimes to search through, but our team has switched to using our own product for nearly all our communications now. We built Aiko Meet so that you could speak instead of type, with engaging video meetings that focus on productivity! Not to toot our own horn here but we think we're pretty cool too 😊 Aiko Meet is like any other video chat except it runs entirely in the browser, comes with no downloads or installs, and as long as you're using one of our top supported browsers (i.e. Chrome) it'll automatically transcribe everything you say as well. With a full transcript we've been able to go back in time to read what we discussed, while keeping the flexibility of video/voice that's just way faster for communicating than typing things out. We're working on integrating with other chat solutions as well so you'll soon be able to use us with many other popular tools like Slack!
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    Your own open source Slack-like chat

    Vlad ArbatovHead of international Geo @ Yandex · Written
    A cheaper alternative to Slack, self-hosted on Heroku only costs $7/m.
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    Ben Clarkprofessional scratch dev · Written
    open source and ui is clean as h e c k
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    Open source, on-premises, Slack alternative

    ✅ Opensource ✅ Encrypted ✅ I really like the reply system Mattermost have, the thread idea that slack has is not good. You can read the comparsion wioth slack at: https://mattermost.com/mattermos...
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    Twist 1.0

    More productive messaging for teams

    I find that the channels and comments in Slack can get overwhelming. Twist keeps conversations in treads, instead of conversations within conversations. It feels more like a mix between Slack and a forum platform, like Spectrum.chat. Twist is built by the team behind Todoist, whom knows a thing or two about building software that helps GTD.
  11. Parthibakumar Murugesan made this product
    Mirrorfly is the best chat solution for any Enterprise business.Turn every conversation into an instant and real-time communication through MirrorFly chat SDK & API. powerful messaging SDK holds futuristic features and scales up from two users to millions without queuing up messages. Develop your complete feature-enriched chat experience with diverse messaging possibilities such as private, group and public chat rooms. Users are able to send files and custom data such as videos within chat messages using the file transfer feature and auto-thumbnail generation turns these files into thumbnails viewable in the messaging window.
  12. Yuliia ChernykhMarketing Manager, Chanty · Written
    Take a look at Chanty — a simple and fast team chat app that my team is passionately creating. Chanty provides all required chat features from instant messaging to managing notification and creating tasks so that you can get on the same page with your team. Chanty is already known as a great Slack alternative for startups, small and medium business. Its competitive advantages are its speed, clear interface, built-in task manager and an affordable price. Chanty team chat apps are available on: Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux (Debian and Fedora-based distributives). Mobile (Android and iOS). Web most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla).
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  13. Sandeep KashyapFounder, ProofHub · Written
    Sandeep Kashyap made this product
    ProofHub is best team chat solution as proofhub allows- * One-on-one chat *Group Chat *Emojis to add fun
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    The IC Project is equipped with an instant messaging module which allows for conversations between team members and clients within the scope of a project and related tasks and activities. Thanks to the unique relationship between communication and the projects, every decision and every conversation is available to persons wishing to analyse the performance of the project and the reasons for success or failure. The ICP communication supports file attachments, multi-user chat and e-mail notifications for people not present in the system.
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  15. It looks pretty decent and it's free which is a bonus for startups who don't have a lot of money to invest in a more expensive team chat solution.
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  16. Leo BassamFounder, CEO at Plutio.com · Written
    We can't wait to launch Plutio Inbox in the next few weeks!
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    Project management in a chat

    Riter integrates capabilities of Slack and Jira so that you don't need to switch between them all the time and can keep all projects data together. Its tasks are designed as chatrooms, so each task is, first of all, a place to start a discussion. In practice, we usually need to discuss tasks between, during, and work. For now, many teams use Slack for communication, and Jira for project management. As a result, a lot of useful information is difficult to find over time in numerous channels, groups, and tasks themselves. We suggest using Riter instead. Discuss tasks right there, in comments to tasks, create notes, add todos, tags, etc. Keep your communication linked to the task which you're working on.
  18. I agree that Slack is best team chat. But doing business is not just about team chatting, its often about multiple teams from different companies working together. And this is what synaps is for. Connect companies and teams.
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    Secure instant messaging system for any network

    Alexey PikurovCommunication and security · Written
    Alexey Pikurov made this product
    Pros: - requires fewer system resources - reliable over the slow Internet connections - work in LAN - intranet - project management - broadcast messages with return receipts - screen sharing - remote control - own encrypted server (self-hosted) Cons: - not available for iOS (macOS is available though) - no video conferences (video calls one-to-one only)
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    Loop Email 2.0 💌 🚀

    Your team's new inbox 👨🏻‍💻👩🏽‍💻

    Ana TopoljskiSocial Media Manager · Written
    Loop Email combines chat and emails with the added plus of loops (side chat discussions about an email). You can also create teams, it supports emojis and GIFs, file sharing an mentions.