Jaycee Day
Jaycee DayCEO at avocado bots & Designer

Now tilt is shutting down, what should I use instead for collecting money from a group of friends?

Specifically for a bridesmaids party, but could be any group thing. Not for fundraising.
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    Square Cash

    Email money to Anyone

    Square Cash is what I use with my friends. It's really easy to use. The person receiving money doesn't even need to have an Square account. There's no fee for non-business transactions, and bank transfers are pretty fast.
    • Joshua Talley
      Joshua TalleySales Operations Manager, Grundfos

      I set up an account when this was first launched, but no one around me uses it, so...there's that. When I switched phones, I tried to log in again, but ended up having to create a new account. Then, my new phone broke, and I tried to put it on a new phone...no way to log in again. Awful experience. Back to Venmo.

    • Joseph Workman
      Joseph WorkmanLifelong Student of Life

      Simple, easy to use, user friendly

  2. 14

    Create a group money pot for free

    Leetchi is very popular in France. Virtually everyone is using it for pooling money online. The design is a bit dated, but it's super simple to use and has been around for a long time.
  3. 11
    Lydia 6.0

    The payment app, completely redesigned.

    Florian Cordillot
    Florian CordillotFreelance Developer · Written
    I use it everyday to refund my friends/parents even people who don't have an account!
  4. Subhashini Muralidharan
    Subhashini MuralidharanCo-Founder, TimeFerret · Written
    I use Splitwise too! Especially for complicated give&take situations. Sends you a monthly email with the details about how much you owe whom and how much is owed to you, so you don't lose track.
    Tried it once when had to split expenses with 12 friends. Worked well for me.
  5. Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    Venmo has made significant progress and has a huge user base now. You can request money directly from your friends, and Venmo will take care of bugging them until you pay!
  6. Philip Amour
    Philip AmourFreelance Product Designer · Written
    Monzo all the way (at least in the UK)
  7. Ben Li
    Ben LiCofounder@LinkTime Mobile. · Written
    Ben Li made this product
    Princle One's Payment feature helps you split and collect money from a group without extra cost.