What's the best app for taking and saving screenshots of websites?

I want to save screenshots (ideally with a link to the live version) through a browser extension. Preferably both on desktop and iOS.
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    Great screenshot sharing tool

    CloudApp is worth checking out. You can capture and share gifs, screen recordings, images, screenshots, and all types of files. You get a shortened link to share with friends and colleagues, and you can set your own custom domain for links as well.
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    Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

    My favorite screenshot & annotation extension for Chrome

    Vinit AgrawalCo-Founder at Tars ( · Written
    Been using this for a while and i just love the simplicity of it and how versatile it is. It does screenshot, screencast, for whole page, selected area, selected area with scroll etc.. Although the screencast is a bit buggy on ubuntu+chromium Check it out.
  3. Kalia HayesShow me what you got. · Written
    mac2imgur is a Mac menu bar app that uploads your screenshots(or pics you drag and drop to the menu bar) to Imgur and a link to the image is instantly* available to be pasted/opened. A bonus is you can log into your Imgur account and all your screenshots will be accessible on multiple devices that way. Check it out(Fergie).
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  4. Awesome Screenshot lets you take screen grabs of an entire webpage without having to piece it together yourself. You can do delay shots, specific parts of the screen, visible part of the screen, or whole page. After that you can annotate it right in the extension, or blur out parts you don't want people to see. Then you can also connect your Google+ which you can then store your screenshot with or without annotations into project folders. It's really easy to just copy paste the screenshot as well. I mostly started using it for the full page shots, but find myself using almost every part of it now.
  5. Gyazo is another tool worth checking out. You can screen record interactions to save as gifs, or just take screenshots that you can instantly share with others.
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    File sharing made simple

    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    Seriously the best screenshot tool. You can also share links and files and gifs