Girl Alex
Girl AlexDirector of Platform @Backstage Capital

What's the best live chat platform for lead gen pages?

Been testing livechat vs intercom already, looking for other recommendations! Having issues with intercom with not being able to filter out spam bots
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    Premium live chat and help desk software for business.

    Daria Zwierz
    Daria Zwierz10Online Community Enthusiast · Edited
    Check out LiveChat helpdesk software. The tool allows you to chat with multiple leads and engage them in real time. It also integrates with many CRM and email marketing solutions enabling you to gather information and smoothly send them to your system.
    Super easy to use product with a lot of tools that will help you with lead-gen process (i.e. proactive greetings) - you will love it <3
    • Kaan Aksoy
      Kaan AksoyA person who doesn't headlines

      It is a solid product but one thing (quite silly in my opinion) makes it quite useless in our case.

      If a visitor does not provide his details the at the beginning (they call it pre-chat survey) you can not add those details (email,name) afterwards.

      You can have a 2 hours chat session with a visitor but visitor will stay as unknown since you can not add the information you gathered during the chat session. How is that?

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      Love LiveChat for its simplicity, easy integration and customer support 👍

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    A beautiful, simple live chat for websites.✨

    Alex Shvalev
    Alex Shvalev9CEO & Co-founder, Chaport Live Chat · Written
    Alex Shvalev made this product
    Try Chaport. It's a cheaper and simpler alternative to Intercom with the Forever Free Plan for 5 operators that includes an unlimited number of chats, the unlimited history, group chats and beautiful apps for Mac, Windows, Web, iOS & Android.
    • Greg Stone
      Greg StoneOwner & Designer at ChampKid Design

      Easy setup and installation. Using it for our ecommerce store Pacific Outbound Clothing Co. We've been bouncing around multiple chat apps and each one has their own little quirks that we didn't like on mobile. But this one has proven to stand above them all. Looks great on the website and just worked. The backend dashboard could use a little color -it's all just very white- but that's just me. I think this product is going places.

    • Beth Fiedler
      Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w 2 PH products 🙌

      Thanks very much for sharing this simple yet effective tool with the PH community. Will recommend Chaport to those who are looking for this. Congrats and Thank You! 👍👍👍

  3. Vineet Gupta
    Vineet GuptaInternet Technologies Evangelist · Written
    ProProfs Chat in my opinion without a hint of doubt. Lead generation pages are the most important for any business and watching users slip through the cracks and leaving without a purchase is quite disappointing. With ProProfs Chat, our chat operators get notified whenever a visitors arrive at our sales page so that we can buckle up in advance. It also shows what all options a visitors are browsing and how much time each user is spending on a page. And then, we simply nail it with a proactive invitation, asking users about the queries they might be having. The best part, it seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and information about any visitor initiating a chat gets directly posted on the Salesforce dashboard.
    In my case, the live chat platform that worked the best was ProProfs Chat. It is great at capturing leads, thanks to the pre-chat form. What’s more, I can see how much time did a visitor spend on these lead gen pages. Based on their browsing behavior, I divide them into potential and bad leads. Makes the approaching process for my agents simpler. They know which lead can actually convert. So overall, it is quite a useful tool.
  4. Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat · Written
    Smooch is great because of the integrations. You can build a pretty nice Bot for taking all the up front info from the lead too
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    Customer communication app for product marketers

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal14Co-Founder at Tars ( · Written
    Intercom, Intercom all the way. Although to be fair, it is so much more than a simple live chat platform. Other than that you can try out, Drift is pretty cool as well, and they are releasing new features like crazy. Check'em out.