MiniwanA better 3D Sandbox game!

What are the best channels to attract gamers?

We have developed a new game and need some guys help to test it, what are the best channels to find these guys? What kind of materials should I prepare? ( pics, videos, and more?) This game is a 3D version minecraft but with better multiplayers internet settings and friendly mod factory.
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    Twitch Creative

    Watch artists create. Twitch expands into the arts.

    Twitch has one of the most engaged community of gamers out there. There are multiple organic and paid ways to promote your games, like partnering with streamers with a large following, or using their advertising solution.
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    Product Hunt

    Discover and geek out about cool new products

    Hard to not recommend Product Hunt Games since we're here. :) Lots of tech and gaming publications look at the front page for new products, so that could also be an indirect way to get PR.
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