Dee Mirai
Dee MiraiBroadcast Philosopher @ Cialfo

What's the best team wiki/documentation tool?

I'm looking for an easy to use tool to house information that all my team can access and edit. Google Drive doesn't cut it for us and Confluence is overkill.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    Pascal Fritzen
    Pascal FritzenCo-Founder & CPO Workpath · Written
    My team and I are really happy with Nuclino. It's easy to use and has just the right amount of features for our small team.
    For my team at the initiative ConsciousCoders (, Nuclino is the central tool to organize our information. So fast & intuitive to use - we love it! :)
    • Philipp Seybold
      Philipp SeyboldCo-Founder & CEO @ combyne

      Excellent product which is on the right track. In my view the pricing is too high for this stage with 5 Euro/user/ month. G Suite costs 4 euro for it's vast service portfolio. For us a price point at 1 or 2 Euro would feel comfortable.

    • Nuclino definitely deserves to be as popular as Slack and Trello. Like Slack and Trello, Nuclino focuses on one task and does a brilliant job at it. I really hope this stays actively maintained!

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    Wiki for Slack teams

    Nik Sudan
    Nik SudanGames & Systems Developer · Written
    Simple little wiki that integrates into Slack. You're able to categorise your articles into spaces too!
    • Guilherme Mendes
      Guilherme MendesCOO, @12min

      its great to document ideas, knowledge and processes in order to never miss knowledge and make it easier for new hires to join the team, know the core activities, ideas, processes, etc.

    • Team is slow to address product short-comings and doesn't share any information about upcoming releases or fixes about the product. The product is a collaboration tool yet their product road map is clearly non-collaborative with paying customers.

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    The wiki that's always up-to-date

    Mircea Pașoi
    Mircea Pașoi3Co-founder Memo.AI · Written
    Mircea Pașoi made this product
    I'm biased... but I think Memo is great for technical teams (works great for code snippets, technical documentation, meeting notes, etc.) and is deeply integrated with Slack. Here's some information on how it compares with traditional tools (Evernote, Confluence, Github Wiki and Slack Posts):
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    The note app for teams

    Laure Albouy
    Laure AlbouyMarketing @slite · Written
    Laure Albouy made this product
    Slite's a super easy way to keep your team's documentation. It has a collaborative editor and you organize information in Slack-like channels so it's super easy to both write and organize your team's content.
    • Benjamin Pipat
      Benjamin PipatCTO @ Seelk

      We've been using Slite for a few months and it finally solved our long research for the perfect knowledge sharing app :)

      The adoption by our team was impressive, and Slite makes our knowledge management a breeze

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    • Luc Chaissac
      Luc ChaissacDesigner

      We've been using Slite for few months, and we can't be more happy. Best benefit is that it's a perfect way to improve transparency inside our team and to onboard new teammates!

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  5. RozBahrami
    RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep · Written
    Helps your team organize, collect and distribute knowledge and information. It can be a great repository for your organizations unstated knowledge which would otherwise not be stored or captured otherwise. BoostHQ makes informal learning and sharing tips with others so easy!
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    Intercom Educate

    What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

    Nik Sudan
    Nik SudanGames & Systems Developer · Written
    Probably the most polished wiki/documentation creator I've seen. It looks amazing, and it feels great to use, too. The team at Product Hunt also use this for their help section -
    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal13Co-Founder at Tars ( · Written
    +1 Love the simplicity of it and how it integrates with rest of the Intercom Product.
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    Beautiful, free Wikis for Teams

    SlimWiki is super simple to use and reasonably priced.
  8. R Sharma
    R SharmaProduct Hunter · Written
    w3clan is fantastic option to create documentation or tutorial site with option to use "Sub-domain" or "Own Domain" for free. w3clan also offers monetisation with google adsense. Check them out.
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    The Wiki for Slack. Build documentation from conversation.

    Thomas Nielsen
    Thomas NielsenCEO @ Slicki, the Wiki for Slack · Written
    Thomas Nielsen made this product
    If you use Slack, Slicki is a simple, efficient way of managing information, wiki-style.