What are the best WordPress plug-ins?

Interested in the best WordPress plug-ins, for any use.
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  1. Ryan Shook
    Ryan ShookCreative Director · Written
    Usually the first plugin I install
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Yoast SEO is probably the first WordPress plugin that anyone should install. Crazy easy to setup and very powerful with a ton of features.
  2. Karol Krakowiak
    Karol KrakowiakProduct Designer · Written
    Custom fields for WordPress made in way that should be built in.
    Ben Cousin
    Ben CousinBewod.com, founder · Written
    This is the easiest way to improve WP core functionalities : you can add custom fields (another WYSIWYG editor, an image upload field, repeating fields and so on).
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I have played around a lot with advanced custom fields on WordPress and I can say that it's one of the best WordPress plugins available for defining custom fields and setting values. Crazy important to have this.
  3. Lot of features for lovers of Google Maps and Visual Composer.
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  4. 13
    Qards by Designmodo

    Responsive Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

    Edvard Khondkaryan
    Edvard KhondkaryanManaging Partner at Designmodo · Written
    It's powerful WP plugin for creating landing pages
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  5. Jevin Sew
    Jevin SewRails / iOS developer · Written
    Jetpack comes with a bunch of free features that are total timesavers. Their brute-force attack prevention is pretty much essential for any Wordpress site doing decent traffic.
  6. 9

    7 most important website widgets in a single app 👊

    Nina De la Cruz
    Nina De la CruzHelping IT projects get noticed · Written
    All-in-one website widget set in a single WP plugin - Email opt-in forms - Contact forms - Promo bars and popups - Survey forms - Follow buttons - Share buttons - Live chats
    • Beth Fiedler
      Beth FiedlerHappy Entrepreneur w a PH product 🙌

      A set of 7 website widgets readily available. This is an amazing tool for startups! I particularly like the Survey and Chat widgets. Also appreciate the flexibility to choose the widget position. Now my challenge is not to overcrowd the website. Thanks very much for sharing!

    • Jeff Reckseidler
      Jeff ReckseidlerI run http://tuuk.me

      Really happy to see the flexibility and options available in this tool. Thanks getSiteControl, I started using it on a project this morning and already feel pretty good about the decisions

  7. Best tool to accept and manage comments on your WordPress site
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I love Disqus. I have tried a ton of commenting apps including (Livefyr?) and CommentLuv. Disqus beats them all with a beautiful UI.
    Rohit Rawat
    Rohit RawatFounder / CFO, · Written
    yes, it's very best tool to manage comments on your blogs & website. day picnic near delhi
  8. Sebastien Barrau
    Sebastien BarrauCo-founder, htmlsig and passpass · Written
    We use it on all our websites, it has an easy drag and drop form builder and allows you to do anything with the data collected, it also has a huge list of plugins including support for MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, stripe, PayPal and more. You could even use it to allow visitors to create posts from a front end form.
  9. 7

    Manage and share Wordpress plugin collections

    AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Written
    I love that this plugin let's you bundle all your fav WP plugins and one click install them all. It's like a trojan horse (but in a good way). I do so many WP projects and use the same core plugins each time that this is a huge timesaver.
  10. 7
    WP Rocket

    Speed Up Your WordPress Site in Less than 5 Minutes

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Can't say enough good things about WP Rocket. Super useful!
    Serhat Ugur
    Serhat UgurNBAstuffer & BigDataBall · Written
    Your every action w/ WP Rocket could be experimental, undo if it not works. That easy.
  11. SumoMe is one of my favorite Wordpress plugins. It comes with so much... From heatmaps to social sharing, lots of useful features to play with.
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  12. Austin
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Edited
    It's not sexy, but it's super helpful if you're building a site. Allows you to clone posts, pages, etc. so once you create a template or favorite format you can just clone and edit vs. rebuild from scratch.
  13. AkhilSinghT
    AkhilSinghTEngineering+Products+Usability+Wirk · Written
    WordPress gets attacked, a lot, and with an open system like WP an attack multiplies in seconds. Wordfence has worked great for me for basic as well as advanced security features.
  14. Austin
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Written
    I've tried a few options for adding a Twitter feed to WordPress, and this is the simplest, most customizable, most reliable one I've found.
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  15. Ben Cousin
    Ben CousinBewod.com, founder · Written
    If you're looking for an easy and clean page builder. You can combine a classic custom made WP website and simply add this plugin to give your users tools to set their layout quickly, or completely build a website based on Beaver Builder (and add it to your theme).
  16. Floran Pagliai
    Floran PagliaiLead Developer at Weglot · Written
    We've built a super simple and powerful multilingual plugin for WordPress : Weglot. SEO Compatibile, compatible with themes and plugins and easy to manage translations. We are used by 20,000+ websites and are rated 4.8 on the directory !
  17. Austin
    AustinFounder, Layman Lab · Written
    Austin made this product
    I'm a bit biased because we made this, but I've needed this functionality so many times when building and editing WordPress sites. I couldn't find a reliable, convenient option so we made one. It's perfect for those times when you know the code you're trying to find or edit, but don't know where it's hiding. Before, you had to open each css or php file one-by-one to search for it, but with this plugin, you can search them all at once instead. It's a big time saver and I legitimately use it on every WP site I build.
  18. Bruno Crosier
    Bruno CrosierI have no idea what I'm doing 🐕 · Written
    Bruno Crosier made this product
    Easily accept 8 hugely popular payment gateways through your existing Stripe account (AliPay, SOFORT, iDEAL, SEPA, Giropay, Bancontact, 3D Secure, P24)
  19. Edward Tay
    Edward TayDigital marketer, Data scientist · Written
    easy to create responsive column based content, using the widgets. plus content will accurately adapt to all mobile devices, ensuring site is mobile-ready
  20. More than just forms. Create a post using a form, create a mortgage calculator, etc. basically anything you want to create, Formidable Forms will allow you to do it.