Bryce Heltzel
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What's the best app for cleaning up old backup drives?

I have tons of iPhone and Macbook backups, along with additional manual backups of photos, music, documents, etc. Are there any apps out there to help me get rid of duplicates, delete old system files I don't care about, and keep what I need?
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  1. Gemini 2 is probably one of the better dupe finder apps for Mac. I rarely ever use it, but when I do it's really straightforward to use.
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    See & recover hidden gigabytes from your Mac disks

    Daisy Disk will scan your drives and give you a visual guide and a list of files that it finds. You can select and analyze the files and delete those you don't need anymore.
    • Justin Plagis
      Justin PlagisMarketing Automation

      Recommendation for anyone trying to create space on their mac's. Got rid of over 50gb's of waste storage with this tool. Very helpful when your hdd is only 126 :)

  3. I personally have been using CCleaner for about ten years now. It's super easy to use, and has a tool to find duplicates. I haven't had to use it since I switched from a PC to a Mac, but I've been really happy with it.