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Which software can make such a video similar to Toby's introduction video?

Toby's introduction video is awesome, I love it. I don't know which software can create such a wonderful video, and it's difficult to create it by self? I wanna to create an introduction video for my product too! It's my pleasure if someone can tell me about it. Thanks :) Here is Toby's official website: Here is Toby's induction video:
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    Go Animate

    Make Professional Animated Videos with simple DIY tools

    I don't think there's a tool that will allow you to create something this custom and beautiful, but Go Animate if probably your best bet. They have a huge library of pre-animated elements you can mix and match to tell your story.
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    Create awesome animated videos and presentations

    And here's another one a friend used to launch his startup. I didn't use it myself but he was very happy with it.
    • Victor
      VictorEntrepreneur, Coder, Consultant

      I used it for about one month to produce a presentation video for an IT solution. It allowed me as a non profesionnal about video editing to product a nice video to present the product at an event

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    Free online animated video maker

    Arthur Camara
    Arthur CamaraCryptoKitties · Toby · Axiom Zen · Written
    @intouchableme Hey! Thanks for using and loving Toby. Our awesome designer @guilegaspar designed and animated the video, all from scratch. It was definitely worth it, because the result looks slick and custom. Feel free to follow him / mention him if you want more details. I'm not aware of any solutions that would allow for that level of custom detail and craft. That being said, my friend @maurice from is creating an awesome product, you should check it out.