Allen HsuUX Designer

Where can I find examples of A/B testing results?

Such as a website that has case studies that show the result of A/B testing (button colors, content, form length..).
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    Visual Website Optimizer

    A/B Testing tool (a brand new version)

    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    VWO is wingify's product. They have awesome case studies, check
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    GoodUI Evidence

    People's A/B test results that show which UI ideas work best

    Maxim AnanovDistraction Dimmer • · Written
    It's a list of 70+ UI tips with actual test results from real sites.
  3. Optimizely have lots of case studies you can look at on their website.
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    Sift Ninja

    The smart filter that prevents bullying and trolls

    Jesse KorzanProduct Design @ Klue · Written
    Jesse Korzan made this product
    I'd written a short (albeit messy) post about an A/B done at a previous gig for Hackernoon. Some code examples (link to Git repo in there).
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