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What are good sources which help in market research for a business idea?

I am doing market research around an idea, is there any good sources which can help me.
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  1. If the business idea revolves around an app, you should have a look at App Annie. It's a great source of data and will allow you to see what's trending in your industry both on the App Store and the Play Store.
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    Think with Google

    Put Google research and insight behind your thinking.

    Think with Google is also a great source, with lots of research conducted by Google across several industries. I used it a lot when I was writing my thesis. Obviously very focused on digital.
  3. If you have a little bit of budget, you could also conduct your own market research using Google Consumer Surveys. It's very easy to use, and flexible enough that you don't have to spend thousands if you're happy with a smaller sample.
  4. Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    On top of checking out these other recommended resources, I would recommend hiring someone on Upwork. Be detailed about what you are looking for, good places to look, and how to organize it all. Good luck!