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What are the best Live Blogging tools?

What the best tools are for live blogging that can be used to embed on a Wordpress based site? e.g Cover It Live
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  1. Cover It Live is probably the most popular one, but you could also try Live Blog - you can embed it on your Wordpress site.
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    One of the best blogging tool, which is open source and user-friendly.
  2. Pål Joakim PollenTechnology Editor, · Written
    I think many of these services are highly priced if only used occationally. 24liveblog is easy to use and free of charge.
  3. Christoffer Birch-JensenBusiness Development Director, NorkonCS · Edited
    Live Center offers a lot of flexibility and allows you full control over your live blog design. Depending on your needs and number of readers, free options such as 24liveblog or Arena.IM might also be interesting. But if you are looking for a solution which allows you to create interactive graphs and visuals inside posts, Live Center is a great option! We also offer a 30-day free trial so you can see how it fits your needs! - Chris Birch-Jensen NorkonCS