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Melissa ZeeManager of Social Media, NBOA

What's the best video editor for iPad?

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  1. There's a lack of great video editing apps for iOS. If you want an app to edit clips together without a gimmick, then I would suggest iMovie. It's free and there's cloud sync so you can start an edit on the ipad and finish it on your Mac.
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    Vee for Video

    An entirely new way to shoot, edit and share videos

    Vee for Video is probably my other favorite editing tool besides iMovie. There's a simple drag and drop interface, there are filters to give your videos some stylish color grading, add your favorite music tracks, and a few other features. It doesn't come close to providing all of the features you might want or need, but it's great if you need to edit a clip for a Keynote slide or for a social media post.