Dan Edwards
Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt

What's the best service for collecting screenshots of websites for inspiration?

Ideally looking for something that works on both mac and windows πŸ™
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  1. Works in the browser
  2. 20
    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    I use it for collecting everything. Another alternative would be Airtable, which is pretty useful for that too.
    Ivan Burban
    Ivan Burban14CMO at Stripo Β· Written
    It's better than evernote, but not so good as i want.
  3. Michael Dilger made this product
    Only for Mac
  4. 6

    Record and watch everything your visitors do.

    I have used it for along. Its a good tool.
  5. Leonardo Mattar
    Leonardo Mattardigital designer Β· Written
    One of the best tools out there to manage images - Windows/Mac
    Agree! The best!
  6. Paolo Pacchiana
    Paolo PacchianaCMO | Podcast promotion made easyπŸŽ™ Β· Written
    I don't know if it's what you are looking for, but this tool is so great! you can screen everything and then save it where you want. It can also allow you to edit your screen in realtime. Give it a try, it works for Win and Mac!
  7. 2

    Great screenshot sharing tool

    If you're trying to share something more specific (like a screenshot of a region/gif instead of just the link), CloudApp is a great app to consider. If you're looking to organize bookmarks/website screenshots, raindrop.io is solid.
  8. 2

    The notes app for creative work

    John Pooley made this product
    Milanote supports all common file types including JPGs, PDFs, Word, Excel, common design files and many more. The Milanote Web Clipper lets you save inspiration and ideas from any website with a single click.
  9. 1
    Additor beta

    Pocket and Evernote got a minimal and collaborative baby

    Evan Kimbrell
    Evan KimbrellFounder, Sprintkick Β· Written
    Additor works nicely for bookmarking and saving screenshots with their chrome extension and lot of good updates.
  10. 1

    The project management tool that grows with you

    You can build your own inspiration database in Zenkit. For instance, upload screenshots (drag and drop), put different categories as labels, set up status (eg: Backlog, review, done, etc.) It works both on Mac and windows :)
  11. Max Spitsyn
    Max SpitsynBig business to techincal founder Β· Written
    Considered a must for any writer, but has an amazing functionality to add attachments for inspiration (which can be really anything).
  12. Using this for a long time. It's good too! I can edit screenshots using their tools, Share and even download those. Screen Recording is the added facility!