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What's the best browser for web development?

I use Google Chrome daily and I'm in love with it, but because I have so many things personalized about it (lots of extensions, bookmarks, etc.), it's a little distracting to use it as my main source of web development too. Can anyone suggest a different browser I could use (on both Mac and PC) that provides some really great web dev tools? Thanks! E: Or, if Chrome seems to be the best option for me, let me know too.
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    Firefox Developer Edition

    Built for those who build the Web

    Yasha PrikhodkoCTO @ Zambah, https://zambah.com Β· Written
    It's got a dark theme and a bit polished dev tools πŸ‘
    Justin MitchellBuilding products @SoFriendly Β· Written
    Absolutely agree with this
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    Google Chrome Canary
    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury Β· Written
    I love Chrome Dev tools. If you don't want to use Chrome because of all your customizations, think about using Chrome Canary. It will keep you ahead of the curve in terms of new features. You'll just need to keep testing in Chrome to make sure new features don't cause unexpected behaviors.
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    Quoc Huy TranProduct Manager Β· Edited
    I've been working on this Blisk browser for my web app projects. This is my top priority when it comes to a specific context of use: Chrome is not enough if we don't have real devices, or we're just lazy and really want to make it quick.