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Michele PiccirilloFreelance developer and Maker

What is the best form/survey tool with generous free limits?

I'm looking for a form builder/survey tool to conduct some user research with a free tier. Typeform would fit the bill already, but the features I need are not part of the free tier and the pro plan is quite expensive. Google Forms works ok but has very limiting conditional capabilities. My requirements: - It should have generous limits (if any) about the number of questions asked - It should have features like logical jumps (show some questions if some values were entered in the ones before) - It should look reasonably good and allow a minimum amount of branding (stick your logo, change some colors) Suggestions? Thanks 😻
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    Tripetto 2.0

    Awesome smart flowing forms and surveys

    Mark van den BrinkFounder & Lead Developer at Tripetto Β· Written
    Mark van den Brink made this product
    Awesome visual editor to create smart flowing forms. Free webapp. Conversational forms. No limits on number of questions or logic. There is also a WordPress plugin available and a SDK. But if you just want to make a form like Typeform, use the free webapp at https://tripetto.app. No account required to play around.
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    Form builder with lead generation and workflow automation

    LauraBookworm & SEO Β· Written
    Completely customizable and really you can add as many fields as you like. Logic jumps are on the roadmap :) Hope this helps!
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    Turning surveys into conversations!

    JOSE GONSALOFounder at growth.cx | Growth Hacker Β· Written
    @lordofthelake You can try SurveySparrow. Its conversational experience will help you get more responses easily. Check it out: http://bit.ly/307aRwR
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    ProProfs survey maker
    Er. Neha GauravB2B Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Β· Written
    I suggest you try out ProProfs Survey Maker. You get access to a forever free plan wherein you can create unlimited surveys. As far as branding is concerned, you can apply your own images and brand logos. With this, you get a personalized touch to your survey. For the logical jump option, you can go for a nominal upgrade starting from $0.05/response/month. I hope this information helps you out to get started!
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    Easily create forms as beautiful as you

    AnnI love productivity and books. Β· Written
    You can try this software. You can set up your own logic rules. Easy to use, and lots of templates to choose. :)