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What are the best tools for building presentations?

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    Ludus Beta

    A limitless presentation tool for designers.

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    I've been beta testing Ludus since they were hunted on Product Hunt. It's amazing what you are capable of producing in Ludus. Content is at the forefront of everything they do, so uploading videos, documents from Dropbox, and your prototypes directly from your favorite tools are all seamless. Highly recommend checking out Ludus!
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    Kireeti Varma
    Kireeti VarmaSr Product Manager, OS, OnePlus & Oppo · Written
    For the fact that it is so easy to work around with your creativity!
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    Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    It for designers
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    Changing the linearity of presentation.

    I personally find it a little bit hard to use and sometimes confusing, but I've seen some beautiful presentations made with Prezi. When built properly, they can be very engaging.
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    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    I've only used it once but I thought it was very simple to create beautiful presentations that flow way better than traditional powerpoint presentations.
    AgnieszkaLiveChat | social media | Sofar Sounds · Written
    Very simple and intuitive, you can make impressive presentation using it, strongly recommend :)
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    Complete presentation platform for professionals

    Roxana Eftene
    Roxana EfteneMarketing & Business Analysis · Written
    Roxana Eftene made this product
    4 Reasons: * It has a rich content library and templates library * You can use your phone as a wireless presenter * it has it's own audience response system so your audience can send you feedback or ask you questions in real-time * you can check insights and statistics for your presentation
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    the phone presenter thing is actually pretty cool
    Sumit Hegde
    Sumit HegdeHelping SaaS products grow · Written
    Yep. Great product and super simple to use!
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    AI-powered presentations

    JD Prater
    JD PraterHead of Marketing · Written
    You’re not a designer, but you shouldn’t have to be. With Beautiful's Design AI, every one of your slides will look professionally designed. I've created a few presentations using it and love it. I've already saved tons of hours, created better looking presentations, and it's free.
    An awesome tool for making presentations quickly and easily! The sleek and modern built-in design keeps the number of cluttered text boxes, bullets, and images to a minimum to ensure my presentations aren't too busy or chaotic!
    Where PowerPoint doesn't cut it, I am using Beautiful AI - a great tool for building good-looking interactive presentations and pitch decks.
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    Gmail Mic Drop

    Quickly end long threads

    Google Slides Q&A makes it super easy to connect with your audience, receive feedback, and let people vote on the questions they'd like the speaker to answer. You can also let the audience ask questions anonymously. The best part: it works with any mobile device.
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    ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10

    Easy tool for mind mapping and data structuring (Mac/ PC)

    Oscar Brunn
    Oscar Brunndoughnuts baker · Written
    Just hunted this mind mapping app with nice presentation mode
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    The easiest way to make HTML presentations and long-forms.

    José Luis Antúnez
    José Luis AntúnezCompanies that matter. · Written
    José Luis Antúnez made this product
    Making an HTML presentation has never been so fast. Just a basic knowledge of HTML is required. Simply choose a demo and customize it in minutes.
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    christianCEO, Givershub · Written
    It helped me tell the story of why I do what I do. #Purpose
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    The easiest way to create beautiful presentations.

    Fantastic tool! Curated templates, free high-quality images, and icons and tracking and analytics.
    I been using Slidebean for over 2 years, they are about to release the version 3 of their product and I love it!
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    Web-conferencing and online training tool.

    Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    It's from Zoho, have a look on this also.
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    Kahoot! 2.0

    Game based learning platform

    Dre Durr💡
    Dre Durr💡Growth is the only thing that matters · Written
    I started using this a few months ago for a presentation. It really helped to keep the crowd engaged. Gamify a presentation
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    Create beautiful presentations from markdown

    Andrew W
    Andrew WWeb developer in Toronto · Written
    Deckset makes lovely presentations without much fussing. Source files are Markdown, so really easy to store, edit, collaborate, and they can live in version control.
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    Beautiful, Responsive presentations with HTML5 (Ditch PPT)

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    Visme 3.0

    Create stunning slides, infographics & designs in minutes.

    I think it's pretty easy to use and quite a cool tool.
    AjokeeDesigner, developer. · Written
    I've used Visme and it's really good. They have some handy features that make presentations a breeze. Things like easily replace icons so you are not chasing tiny objects across your screen and also easily apply your theme colours intelligently to each slide.
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    Haiku Deck

    Presentation software that inspires

    Tiernan Cahill
    Tiernan CahillPhD Student in Emerging Media @ BU · Written
    In a field dominated by bullet-point-heavy presentations, Haiku Deck is a breath of fresh air. There is a good variety of templates for different contexts, but all of them share an emphasis on simple layouts with a focus on visuals over long blocks of text. The workflow is oriented around typing up the key points and concepts you want to introduce, bringing in supporting visuals and laying it all out beautifully.
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    DeckRobot for PowerPoint

    Make your slides shine with one click ✨

    Olga Vakulenko
    Olga VakulenkoMarketing and Events · Written
    Olga Vakulenko made this product
    This is fresh and new based on AI, makes slides perfect in seconds
    Tony Urban
    Tony UrbanCEO, DeckRobot · Written
    Tony Urban made this product
    You can enjoy rich functionality of PowerPoint but spend less than a minute on each slide
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    Raw Shorts

    DIY explainer videos made simple and easy

    This is definitely one of the easiest tools to use for created animated videos and presentations. I use it all the time for work, school and apps we build
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    Even with a wide variety of options, PowerPoint is still my Go-To tool for developing presentations. It's especially nice to develop on the desktop, then be able to deliver on multiple mobile platforms (iPad, iPhone, etc.).
    Powerpoint is a perfect tool, there are many features for any kind of presentation. We have been creating powerpoint templates on https://reshapely.com for some time and we like the evolution of the program since the last few years
    Vedant Bajpai
    Vedant BajpaiBlack Board Educate App · Written
    Keeping up with teacher and parent is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you. This app basically works on three profiles 1.Owner/ Principal * Owner can handle multiple schools and multiple roles with single login it so easy every detail will be on your fingertips. * Now have in-house social media with notice creating your event and sharing pictures with school. * Find every single details of your teacher and it’s so easy that you can change schedule by just selecting the teacher from the present list. * Very easy to use for their day to day school management problems. * During PTM just search the name of student and can find the profile, attendance, homework result details in just a click. * Join the digitalization and enjoy the connection with parents Design your own school on www.home.bbedut .com 2. Teacher/ Staff * Less than 30 second challenge just voice out the name of the student and clicks only on absent and leaves. Still miss someone can change it any time any place. But only by the teacher who took the attendance. * Why to discuss about the homework well you can send it just on click and even attachment can be sent in the form of image, pdf, excel. Even result can be schedule with timing so ease your voice and pen enjoy to connect with whole class with single clicks. 3. Student / Parents * Now it is so easy to connect to the school and find every updates about the school on your app. * Connected with school on tracking of your bus and providing leaves to the school. The Blackboard app does more than help you stay connected with your friends and interests. It's also your personal organizer for storing, saving and sharing. It's easy have full control over your photos and privacy. The security is the most important patch in which we provide NDA with Schools on individual Data Security. Blackboard is Free and always be because our company vision consists of to help each single child on this planet to fulfill their dreams. The most important desktop features of Blackboard is data entry part and managing multiple things from web it can be only govern by the Owner and principal of the school at www.home.bbedut.com
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    The visual notes app, now on iPhone!

    Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav AgrawalCoder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    It's Good, collaborative presentation tool.
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    Tomer Aharon
    Tomer AharonCo-Founder of Poptin, Prospero & Premio · Written
    Awesome tool with great UI/UX
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    Michael D. Corbin made this product
    Command.App makes the complex clear. It turns presentations into conversations. It supports all marketing materials and file formats (PPT, PDF, Office files, images, videos, 3D models, animations, etc.) ensuring you always have the right information at the right time. It is the ultimate digital briefcase and Sales Presentation tool available today!