satyajeet jadhav
satyajeet jadhavdeveloper codeshop apps

What is the best analytics platform for iOS and Android apps?

I'm looking for a tool that shows things like MAUs, WAUs, etc. without having to do a lot of setup.
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    Powerful product analytics.

    You can define what an active user is and you also get great visualizations for retention, events etc. Not to mention the ability to set up automated emails and notifications really easily. It's awesome!
    Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat · Written
    Absolutely loving Mixpanel right now
  2. 2
    Countly Analytics

    Open source, enterprise mobile & web analytics platform

    Gorkem Cetin
    Gorkem CetinProduct guy. Passionate maker & helper · Written
    Gorkem Cetin made this product
    Open source, on-prem installation options, analytics + marketing in one product, extensibility with plugins. Lots of KPIs to show on the dashboard. Customizable product.
  3. Flurry is the only one I've used. It's very comprehensive and easy to set up.
  4. Ivan Dimitrov
    Ivan DimitrovGrowth Hacker @ pCloud · Written
    Can't get more detailed than that if you setup your events right. You can also create audiences based on those events.