Dimitris StrantsalisWeb Developer, CERTH

What app do you use to compress pdfs?

I regularly receive oversized pdfs that I have to keep locally for long times. Is there any app that I can use to shrink their size before storing them on mu mac?
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    Document 365
    Ashley McBrideDesign und Mediengestaltung · Written
    My go-to is Document 365 by Kdan Mobile due to the sheer amount of tools available, including PDF compression. Although this function is available on Macs only, unfortunately. With the PDF Reader app that's designed for smaller devices (tablets, phones) and comes with Document 365, I'm able to get a lot done when I'm away from my desktop, and that's exactly what I want out of a PDF editing app - portability and efficiency. So, I'm able to compress PDFs on my desktop, but all the other editing tools are available to me on my phone/tablet, such as annotation, form filler, watermarks, split and merge, night mode and file converter and that's plenty for a small device.
    George SuttonFront-End Software Engineer · Written
    I use this software exclusively when I'm dealing with PDF compression - it works quite well on my MacBook, and I beleive this feature is available on other platforms as well.
    Christopher MooreSenior Product Designer (UX/UI)-Mobile · Written
    Document365 works well for file compression - takes very little time as well.
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    Google Drive
    I sometimes upload PDFs to Google Drive and convert them to a Google Doc. If you do need them in PDF format, you can re-download them as PDFs and Google Drive will generate an optimized version, likely much lighter than the original PDF you uploaded.