Is there a good app out there to organize visual notes?

I find I capture a crazy amount of relevant info with cell camera / screen capture
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    The notes app for creative work

    Ollie CampbellCo-founder/CEO @ Milanote · Written
    Ollie Campbell made this product
    A simple and free way to visualise your notes (as well as images, videos and anything else).
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Mikael ForsgrenLegal @ Assently · Written
    I'm using Keep! It's visual, it's free and works on every device. Oh, and the integration to Google Docs just got deeper!
    Since you probably have a Google Account, Keep is the best option for you. It will sync with your account and access it from anywhere.
    Anne-Laure Le Cunff11Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google. · Written
    I actually also use Google Keep! It's easy to use, lightweight, and offers a great on-the-go experience. It also makes it easy to insert your notes or images in Google Docs afterwards.
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    Anne-Laure Le Cunff11Founder @ Lysa. Ex-Google. · Written
    Evernote is probably the most popular option. It's good a organizing both documents and visual content.