What's the simplest app to remind me of things to do today?

I need a reminder app that every text that I had to it will be reminded me in some point of time during the same day (either the exact same hour or letting me choose from a few timeframes, like Inbox's Afternnoon / Evening snooze option).

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Track, allocate, and plan your time

Ryan Hoover44Founder, Product Hunt · Written
Check out LiquidTime, made by high school student, @a9_io. Unlike other task managers, this maps out your time with things you have to do.
If you want a really simple to-do list, I'd recommend Swipes. I use it to plan my day and never forget things to do later. It's really simple to add a task and choose when to be reminded about it. LiquidTime sounds cool as well, as I'm curious I'll give it a try :)
Later for iOS

Set reminders quickly using presets

Jason MeeksProduct @CrowdJoyEvents · Written
This product was originally posted a couple years back I believe, but they just came out with an update it seems about 4 months ago. . and also have a desktop product. Simple scheduled reminders and a clean interface : )
Google Voice for iOS

Make and receive calls and SMS on any device

I love asking Google Voice things that are on my schedule. I am weird though, I schedule every waking second on my calendar.

The smart to-do list

Lachlan Campbell4Code, apps, design, high school. · Written
Clear is just a super simple to-do list that sync over iCloud (Apple Watch/iPhone/iPad/Mac).
ReMind Bot

Reminds you of everything you want

V2S2CEngineer,Developer,Traveller · Edited
✅ No need to Download any app (lives inside Facebook Messenger) ✅ Add task like you're chatting with ur friend/colleague

Jot down a task and set up a reminder really, really fast

Shea LignitzWriter & Web Designer · Written
I love this app because it's super simple and the reminders don't leave you alone until you mark the task as complete.